Based on the schedule, Purdue always has zero still in the loss column and is unlikely to survive this week.

But the loss was supposed to come on Thursday.

not monday.

So what happened inside Mackey Arena in the first game of Boilermakers in 2023 qualifies as a surprising development. Yes, of course, it was overshadowed by the horrific conditions of Monday Night Football. It shook the sport by stealing the top spot from Boilermakers.

“we [knew what was] Come with Rutgers,” Painter said. We sold it, sold it, and kept selling it. If I go to war, I’ll stop in New Jersey and pick them up. They’re cats, they’re playing for the keep. “

Rutgers led by 10 points at the break and 13 points early in the second half. So the Boilermakers were playing catch-up most of the night, with A) National Player of the Year favorite Zach Edey not getting as many touches as he usually does, and B) Purdue being consistent. This was difficult given that I couldn’t make a 3 pointer with problem. Regardless, Purdue eventually closed that deficit and actually took the lead at the last minute. But Rutgers’ Cam Spencer hit his 3-pointer with his 13.3 seconds left to give Rutgers his 65-64 lead, and Purdue’s Brandon scored the game after his Newman removed a jumper in the final minute. proved to be the winner of

The loss moves Purdue to No. 3 in the CBS Sports Top 25 And 1 Daily College Basketball Rankings, updated Tuesday morning. (Houston is the new number one.) The Boilermakers’ next game is Thursday in Ohio. KenPom.com predicts them as a two-point underdog against his team, the Buckeyes, who have won three games in a row and are ranked 20th at the top. 25 and 1.

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Top 25 And 1 Ranking


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