CLEVELAND, OH — Cleveland is a sports town. you want proof?

Exactly half of the top 40 posts on’s main Facebook page in 2022 were sports-related.

Here are the top 20 sports posts based on data based on the number of likes, comments and shares on the page from January 1st to December 15th, according to a CrowdTangle search.

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1. Thank you Baker Mayfield

Baker Mayfield will always have a place in the hearts of Browns fans. It became clear when he left Cleveland. Browns fans expressed their support for him on his Facebook when he was traded to the Carolina Panthers in his July.

Mayfield is the only Browns quarterback to win a playoff game with Cleveland since the team’s comeback in 1999.

2. Cleveland Guardians: 2022 American League Central Champions

The Cleveland Guardians are one of baseball’s greatest stories in 2022, and hometown fans were bound to recognize their incredible achievements. Entering the season as the youngest team in baseball, the Guardians surprised all of Major League Baseball by winning the American League Central Division fairly handily with a 92-70 record.

What Facebook fans gave the Guards a lot It received about 18,000 “likes”, over 6,000 “love” reactions, and about 7,300 shares.

3. Baker Mayfield praises Cleveland on the way to Carolina

Shortly after Baker Mayfield was officially traded to the Carolina Panthers, he celebrated four years in the city of Cleveland. Regardless of the details of his exit, Mayfield was clearly loved by Browns fans, two of his top three sports posts on his Facebook page at were when he was traded. It is proved by the fact that it came.

This particular graphic received over 15,000 likes, over 4,000 “love” reactions, and over 1,700 comments.

4. Season of Guardian Magic Ends

Game 5 of the ALDS against the New York Yankees ended the Guardians’ magic, but Cleveland fans were still very proud of the AL Central Champions. The Yankees team is at its limit.

Posts posted after that final garnered over 13,000 “likes”, over 5,500 “love” responses, and nearly 3,000 shares.

5. Cleveland Guardians heading to ALDS

Before the heartbreaking finish of the ALDS, the Guardians celebrated a stunning AL Wild Card round victory with Oscar Gonzalez’s walk-off solo home run in the 15th inning against the Rays. The team gathered for a photo on the field after the win, cementing their place in Cleveland’s baseball lore.

The celebration photo shared on Facebook garnered over 12,500 likes, over 4,000 “love” reactions, and nearly 1,000 shares.

6. The Guardians use walk-off magic to lead the Yankees 2-1 in the ALDS.

Leading 5-3 with one out in the bottom of the ninth, the Guardians never lost faith. Miles Straw hit a double to left field. Stephen Kwan sounded the single similarly. Amed Rosario hit a single from the hole between shortstop and third base. Jose Ramirez bluelooped a base hit against Shift. Josh Naylor struck out and Oscar Gonzalez finished the job with yet another walk-off hit.

A graphic shared after a thrilling win caught the attention of Facebook fans. They garnered him over 10,500 “likes”, nearly 5,200 “love” reactions, and over 3,500 shares.

7. Three generations of Cleveland baseball in one photo

Former Indians CC Sabathia, Carlos Baerga and Rajai Davis posed for a photo together before Game 2 of the Guardians’ Wild Card Round against the Rays, bringing nostalgia to Cleveland baseball fans around the world.

On Facebook, Cleveland baseball fans gave the photo over 11,000 likes and over 2,600 “love” responses.

8. Buckeyes win, Guardian sweep, Browns win in the same weekend

The weekend of September 9, 2022 was a great weekend for sports fans in Northeast Ohio.

The Ohio State Buckeyes beat Arkansas Street 45-12. The Cleveland Guardians overwhelmed the Minnesota Twins in his three-game series, and the Browns defeated Baker Mayfield and the Carolina Panthers 26–24 on Cade York’s 58-yard field goal.

Fans who loved the 3v0 weekend gave the graphic nearly 9,000 likes, over 2,500 love reactions, and nearly 3,200 shares on Facebook.

9. The Browns showed love to Baker Mayfield after defeating the Carolina Panthers

The week Baker Mayfield played with the Browns for the first time since his trade to Carolina, Mayfield said all he wanted was a hug from Nick Chubb. After the game, he received hugs from his beloved Browns teammates, including Chubb, David Nyok, Wyatt Teller and Anthony Walker Jr.

Sharing these photos on our Facebook page garnered nearly 10,000 likes, nearly 2,900 “love” reactions, and nearly 1,100 shares.

10. Stars at Ohio State vs. Notre Dame in Columbus

When Ohio State turned to face the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in the 2022 season, the stars were in full force.

LeBron James and his son Bronnie were in attendance, as well as NBA stars such as Jason Tatum, Andre Iguodala and Evan Turner. Former backs include Chase Young, Terry McLoughlin, Joe Burrow, Justin Fields, Chris Olave, Ezekiel Elliot, Braxton Miller, Cardale Jones, JT Barrett, Sam Hubbard, Eli Apple, Curtis Samuel Many iFootball greats were also in attendance. The same video got him over a million views on his TikTok page at and was also popular with his Facebook audience.

Viewers gave the video nearly 8,500 likes, nearly 2,000 “love” reactions, and nearly 3,300 shares.

11. The Browns beat the Steelers and the Guardians swept the White Sox on the same night.

When the Browns went 2-1 on Thursday Night Football in late September with a 2-1 record, the Guardians swept the Chicago White Sox and moved closer to an eventual AL Central Championship. Anyway, it was a great night for Cleveland.

Our post sharing our 2:0 night garnered nearly 8,250 likes, over 2,200 “love” responses, and nearly 2,300 shares.

12. The progressive field explodes as the Guardians beat the Yankees in Game 3 of the ALDS.

The video, shot by Cleveland’s Pete Malek, shows the incredible progress of the field as Oscar Gonzalez hits a walk-off single to Cleveland’s 6-5 win over the Yankees to take a 2-1 lead in the ALDS. I showed a scene like this and voiced it. This video also got him over a million views on his TikTok channel at

Again, TikTok videos shared to Facebook were also very popular. The video has over 7,000 shares of his, with about 4,500 ‘likes’ and his 3,100 ‘love’ reactions.

13. LeBron praises new-style Cleveland Cavaliers

James gave a lot of love to the Cleveland roster after Donovan Mitchell, Darius Garland and the new Cavaliers defeated LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers in California in early November. This post was the only Cavaliers-related post in the Top 20 for 2022, and (of course) featured James.

This Cavs shout on Facebook garnered over 8,400 likes, nearly 1,800 “love” reactions, and nearly 1,400 comments.

14. Terry Francona wins 2022 American League Manager of the Year award

Few athletes and ordinary people in Cleveland are more beloved than Guardians manager Terry Francona. Francona received many accolades when he won the 2022 He AL Manager of the Year award for leading Major League Baseball’s youngest team to his championship at AL Central.

Our graphic announcing honors on Facebook garnered nearly 7,300 likes, over 3,200 love reactions, and nearly 2,500 shares.

15. Browns honor Cleveland firefighter Johnny Tetrick before Tampa Bay game

The Browns paid tribute to Cleveland firefighter Johnny Tetrick, who was killed by a driver on Interstate 90 East on Saturday, November 19.

Sharing inspiring gestures on our Facebook page resonated with our audience. The post had about 8,600 likes and nearly 2,300 “love” responses.

16. Finally, the Browns start the season 1-0

Cade York’s 58-yard field goal helped the Browns beat the Carolina Panthers 26-24 to go 1-0. It was the second time the team had started 1–0 since returning to Cleveland in 1999. The only other chance he had was in 2004 when the Browns beat the Ravens 20-3.

Fan excitement for the strong start to the season meant our Facebook graphic received nearly 7,500 likes, nearly 2,500 love reactions, and over 1,800 shares.

17. Cleveland drummer John Adams becomes the 12th member to be inducted into the Guardians Hall of Fame.

Drumming the game for nearly 50 years, John Adams is part of Cleveland’s baseball lore. Earlier this year, Adams, who is dealing with health issues that have kept him away from Progressive Field, became the 12th member of the Guardians Hall of Fame for his dedication to the team. Shared on page with permission.

Videos on our page have garnered over 6,300 “likes”, over 3,100 “love” reactions, and about 2,400 shares.

18. A single photo that captures the Guardian’s magical season

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in this case the pictures were worth 167 games.

Photographer Joshua Gunter of shows a smiling Oscar Gonzalez in this photo. Oscar Gonzalez has just had his second hit in the Cleveland postseason and is being congratulated by an overjoyed Terry his Francona. proud father.

After Cleveland’s thrilling walk-off victory, the photo garnered nearly 7,300 likes and over 4,500 love reactions on Facebook.

19. Guardian catcher Austin Hedges was in the mood after the Guardians won ALDS berth

What’s not to love? After the Guardians defeated the Rays in his 15th inning of Game 2 of the 2022 Wild Card Round, Austin Hedges decided ‘I don’t mind without a shirt’ as he strutted with a cigar in celebration Did.

Our Facebook audience was ecstatic with this photo, garnering over 6,500 likes, over 1,300 “love” reactions, and nearly 1,300 shares.

20. Terry Francona: Guardians are just getting started

It was undoubtedly a great year for the Guardians, but Terry Francona wanted to make sure Cleveland wasn’t overly complacent about its mild success. I want to make sure that is where the is set.

The city seems to be with him, as our Facebook audience gave the post over 7,100 likes and nearly 2,200 love responses.

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