Bishop of Montgomery Christian Jones was 5ft 9 when he was a freshman. As a senior, he’s grown to his 6-4 and is one of those “late bloomers” that college recruiters might want to know about. On Saturday night, he tallied his five dunks and scored 21 points as he helped the undefeated Knights (17-0) beat Narbonne 73-55 at Lynnwood. It looked like it had wings.

In the fourth quarter there was a play that missed a possible sixth dunk, the ball ricocheting off the rim towards Bishop Montgomery’s sideline. Jones chased the ball and jumped over the chair as coach Doug Mitchell.I didn’t want to see what Jones just did.

“I had to,” Jones said of jumping over the chair.

Jones was the most valuable player in the South Pasadena tournament, which ended Friday night. He is a veteran Bishop of Montgomery who started his team five seniors. Xavier Edmonds scored 23 and Will Smith scored 16.

Narbonne, who went 0-4 without the sick Adams brothers, Marcus Jr. and Máximo in the Classic at Damiens, got them back on Saturday and went into the first half trailing 27-21 at half-time. Marcus finished with 25 points. With his 8-7 record, Gauchos is expected to continue a long streak as the city section’s dominant team.

In another game at the Real Run Classic, St. Pius X-St. Matthias scored 23 points from Tyrone Riley in a 65-56 win over Pacifica Christian.

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