The Kansas City Chiefs have proven time and again to be one of the elite teams in the modern NFL.

With a top-notch coaching staff and a roster of great talent on both sides of the ball, the Chiefs hardly needed a significant contribution from this year’s rookie class.

However, Kansas City’s freshman players were key to winning the actual contest when they thrived in their divisional playoff game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

It started (and probably ended) with the incredible talent of Round 7 running back Isiah Pacheco, who leads the team in rushing. Rutgers’ product had over 100 yards of scrimmage on the day, including interrupting a 39-yard run to knock the Chiefs to the 1-yard line late in the second quarter. Played a key role in crushing it on the ground against defense.

Two rookie members of the secondary also made a big impact on the Chiefs, as both Trent McDuffie and Jaylen Watson had impressive games in their biggest moments.

In yet another seventh round, Watson broke two passes and came up with an incredible one-handed interception to put a dagger into the game late in the fourth quarter. In the first round, McDuffie allowed only one catch for 7 yards against one of the best passing attacks in the league and was a lockdown corner all game.

The Chiefs are proving that finding starters and tiers late in the draft is extremely important in this league, as playmakers of any level are hard to find. If they want to carry it to the bowl and face the red-hot Cincinnati Bengals, they need a big show again.


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