Scott Rolen was recently inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame. According to MLB.com’s David Adler, he revealed “incredible” advice he received early in his career from fellow Hall of Famer Cal Ripken Jr.

“I was young and I was playing an exhibition game with the Orioles. I went in there and knocked on the clubhouse door and asked if I could speak to Mr. “He gave me unbelievable advice: to secure your place in the team, in the lineup, whether it works out or not. It doesn’t matter.” No. There is a degree of accountability for your position on the field and your position in the lineup … just being there and doing your job and playing can affect the outcome of the game. can.”

Scott Lauren is grateful to have been admitted to Cooperstown. He certainly doesn’t take it for granted. Lauren was one of the best all-around third basemen of his decade in the 2000s. He featured an impressive grab in his corner Hot which led to his grab award of 8 gold. But he was also a good hitter, with his all-time OPS of .

Without Ripken Jr.’s advice, one has to imagine if Lauren would have enjoyed his career. remembered as one of the players of

And soon, both Scott Rolen and Cal Ripken Jr. will share MLB Hall of Fame plaques.


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