Buffalo Bills safety Dumar Hamlin fell in critical condition at a Cincinnati hospital after being tackled during Monday night’s game against the Bengals, according to the NFL. However, a heartbeat recovered on the field before being taken to hospital in critical condition. The bill said in a tweet.

The NFL suspended the game indefinitely after a tragic incident during the highly anticipated first quarter of the game.

In a statement, the league said Hamlin “received immediate medical attention on the field by the team and independent medical staff and local paramedics.”

Live updates on the situation in Cincinnati

As players from both teams gathered near the field, medical personnel rushed to treat Hamlin. A member of the medical staff gave Hamlin CPR on her, according to his ESPN, which was broadcasting the game. Oxygen was given to him, the network reported.

Hamlin, 24, was taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. Details regarding his injury were not immediately released.

“Our thoughts are with Dummer and the Buffalo Bills,” the NFL said in a statement. “We will provide more information as it becomes available.” We are in constant contact with the association.”

Hamlin marketer Jordan Rooney said: wrote on Twitter late Monday night: “His vitals are back to normal and we put him to sleep to have a breathing tube inserted into his throat. They are currently running tests. We will provide updates as soon as they are available.”

Hamlin was involved in a violent clash with Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins and went down during the first quarter play moments. Hamlin tackled Higgins following the catch. Hamlin briefly got to his feet before he collapsed onto the grass.

Other players were shown praying or kneeling on the field while Hamlin received medical attention. Some players were crying, while others were hugging each other.

The suspension of play was announced after Bills coach Sean McDermott and Bengals coach Zach Taylor spoke with field officials. were given a 5-minute warm-up. But Troy Vincent, the NFL’s executive vice president of football operations, later said, “I don’t know where it came from.”

Vincent said at a press conference early Tuesday morning that it “hadn’t occurred to me personally” for the team to warm up to resume play, calling it “ridiculous” and “insensitive”. Vincent said he was in touch with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell throughout the decision-making process, adding: I was really trying to make sure we were doing the right thing by Damar. “

NFL executive Dawn Aponte was in the tunnel outside the team’s locker room as players and coaches awaited the postponement decision.

Jeff Miller, the league’s executive vice president of communications, public relations and policy, said each NFL stadium has an emergency action plan and ambulances come to every game. plans involve a level 1 trauma center. It was enacted Monday night with Hamlin, he said.

“The NFLPA and everyone in our community is praying for Dumar Hamlin,” the players’ union said in a statement. , Damar’s health and well-being alone.”

Bills wide receiver Stephon Diggs went to the hospital to check on Hamlin’s condition after the game was postponed.

It was the second horrific scene of a player sustaining a serious injury at a game in Cincinnati this season. Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa was hauled off the field on a stretcher and taken by ambulance to the same hospital after being hit and suffering a concussion during a game against the Bengals on September 29.

Tagovailoa was released from the hospital later that night and returned to the Miami area with the Dolphins after that game was completed.

Suspensions of play due to serious injuries are relatively common during NFL games. However, it was virtually unheard of for the league to postpone a game due to a player injury, highlighting the seriousness of Hamlin’s injury.

“I haven’t seen anything like this since I played,” said Vincent, the former NFL defensive back.

The Bengals were leading 7-3, but play was suspended with about six minutes remaining in the first quarter. It was a high-profile game that promised a large audience on ESPN and ABC. The Bills and Bengals’ total of 23 wins this season tied for the most of any team in a “Monday Night Football” game. But this night he wasn’t a showcase for the popularity of the NFL, but a reminder of the risks inherent in the sport.

Bills quarterback Josh Allen wrote on twitter: “Please pray for our brothers.”

Bills told the NFL that he plans to return to the Buffalo area overnight.

“I got word that the team was going back to Buffalo, probably before midnight,” Vincent said. [were] Others who were planning to return to Buffalo.

Miller said the NFL has no immediate plans for when games will resume.

“It’s not something to consider right now,” Miller said. I’m sure when the time is right, we will discuss the next steps regarding the game. “

Hospital officials told media at the scene they would not be providing further updates on Monday night.Miller said the NFL did not have any medical updates.

Hamlin is in his second season as a professional after being selected by the Bills in the sixth round of the 2021 draft from the University of Pittsburgh. He has started the last 14 games for the Bills, taking over a more important role after standout veteran Micah Hyde was injured.

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