Buffalo Bills player Dumar Hamlin still in danger as NFL weighs next steps

Hamlin’s uncle, Dorian Glenn, told CNN on Tuesday that Hamlin had to be resuscitated twice.

“His heart was failing, so they had to resuscitate him twice. We resuscitated him again when we took him to the hospital,” Glenn said.

“They sedated him to give him a better chance to continue to heal. We’re just taking it every day.”

So far, the NFL has only said the Bills-Bengals game won’t resume this week, according to a memo sent by Commissioner Roger Goodell on Tuesday. ‘s match had a big impact on the playoffs as they each competed for the AFC’s No. 1 seed. With just one week left in the regular season, the Bills-Bengals game has had an impact on other teams in their playoff berths, including the Patriots.

The Patriots are scheduled to play the Bills at 1 p.m. Sunday in Orchard Park, N.Y., and Goodell’s memo says this weekend’s game will proceed as scheduled for now.

“No decisions have been made regarding the possibility of resuming games at a later date, nor have we announced any changes to the schedule for this weekend,” Goodell said. We will notify the club immediately.”

Hamlin’s injury cast a dark cloud over the league on Tuesday, making the day a scheduled player day off for most teams. The NFL provided mental health services to players struggling with the news. All 32 teams changed their Twitter handles to a graphic that reads “Pray for Damar.” The Pro Football Hall of Fame delayed announcing the finalists for this year’s class until Wednesday.

In Buffalo, fans flocked to Highmark Stadium for a rally hosted by Jill Kelly, wife of Bills Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly. The news hit particularly hard in Pittsburgh, where Hamlin grew up and played at the University of Pittsburgh.

“I’ve known him since maybe 12 years old,” Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said. It’s been an honor to get to know such young people as he makes personal decisions and sees them come to fruition.”

The fact that Hamlin is alive is the result of medical personnel from both the Bengals and Bills responding swiftly under the NFL’s “Emergency Action Plan” for a situation not seen in the NFL since 1971. . When Lions’ Chuck Hughes suffered a heart attack on the field and was later pronounced dead.

Medical personnel performed CPR at the scene for approximately nine minutes before loading Hamlin into the ambulance.

“From an emergency action plan perspective, things worked as planned,” NFL executive vice president Jeff Miller said. We have had great collaboration with both of our healthcare providers.”

Hamlin’s condition was considered “the second most common cause of sudden death in athletes,” according to a research study by two doctors from Tufts University published in the medical journal Sports Health. It looked like Early defibrillation in patients is “critical to survival,” wrote the doctor. Beyond 3 minutes, the survival rate drops to just he 3%.

“Other than hospitals, there’s probably no better place for this to happen than on the NFL field,” Dr. David Chao, the former chief physician of the Chargers football team, said in an interview. The staff of was there in seconds, and shortly thereafter we could see Bengals head trainer Matt Summers stepping into the picture. I was there to do CPR, kudos to the Bills and Bengals for moving fast and running a tight ship.”

Every NFL game has an average of 30 medical personnel on standby. Each stadium is equipped with his AED defibrillator and the home team provides emergency medical personnel such as trauma surgeons, anesthesiologists and airway managers at every match. After the heartbeat recovered, Hamlin was sent to a level 1 trauma hospital about four miles from the stadium.

In 1998, NHL defenseman Chris Pronger removed the puck from his chest, walked two steps, collapsed, and required resuscitation. He tweeted that he was cleared to play four days later. In 1995, Quincy High his hockey player Matthew Messing was not lucky and died after undergoing a physical examination of his chest.

One bright spot was the overwhelming support given to Hamlin’s charity, The Chasing M’s Foundation Community Toy Drive. The GoFundMe page started with her goal of $2,500, and 24 hours after the injury he received nearly $5 million in donations. Several players in the NFL seem to have donated to the cause, including Tom Brady, Patriots’ Devin McCourty, Lawrence Guy, Brian Hoyer, and Myles Bryant.

Under NFL rules, Goodell has wide discretion to decide whether and how the game continues. Rule 17.11 states that an interrupted game will be restarted from the same point. The NFL has a bye week between the conference championship game and his Feb. 12 Super Bowl, giving the Bengals the freedom to push back other games in the league to finish off his Bills.

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