Cincinnati — Buffalo Bills forward Dumar Hamlin fell critically ill early Tuesday morning Morning after collapsing on the field after clashing in the first quarter of Monday night’s football game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

The NFL has not released details of his injury.

With six minutes remaining in the first quarter, with the Bills trailing 7-3, Hamlin tackled Bengals receiver Tee Higgins after a 13-yard catch. Higgins rushed into Hamlin at full speed, seemingly hitting him in the head and chest area, and Hamlin quickly stood up, took two steps, fell backward, and went limp.

With players from both teams visibly shaken, medical personnel administered CPR and stayed with him for 10 minutes. One medical professional appeared to be managing his IV. Hamlin, 24, was placed on a stretcher and taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

Fans at Peycole Stadium, who remained silent during the ordeal, applauded as the ambulance departed.A spokesperson for the Bills did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Bills players and staff were scheduled to return to Buffalo on Monday night, according to a person familiar with the decision, who was not authorized to speak publicly.

of The NFL Players Association said in a statement: “The only thing that matters at this time is Dummer’s health and well-being,” he said in a statement.

Hamlin, a second-year player drafted from Pittsburgh, has been in the starting lineup since September due to an injury at the Buffalo Secondary. Within an hour of his hospitalization, a toy drive led by Hamlin’s charity received more than $650,000 through a crowdfunding website.

Players involved in the NFL were quick to voice their concerns on social media. Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes said, “I’m praying hard…I hope you’re all right.” In a post on his Twitter account said.

Arizona Cardinals’ JJ Watt: ‘The game doesn’t matter’ wrote in the post“Dummer Hamlin’s life matters. It’s okay. Please.”

Written by Bills quarterback Josh Allen: “Please pray for our brothers.”

About 100 football fans gathered outside the University of Cincinnati Hospital to seek information about Hamlin’s condition.

Janet Cole, 62, and her brother Chuck Cole, 56, had lit candles. Both said they were lifelong Bengals fans and former season ticket holders. They took a 20 minute drive to the hospital to pray.

Chuck Cole said, “Immediately, the whole exhilaration of being a Bengals fan was put into perspective. ‘Cause now we’re talking about life or death.”

Early in the first quarter, Bills cornerback Taron Johnson left the game with a head injury after attempting to confront Bengals tight end Hayden Hurst. Johnson walked away after the team’s trainer stopped by the field for several minutes.

Hamlin’s injury was the latest in a string of high-profile injuries that have sparked renewed criticism of the NFL over player safety this season. Indianapolis Colts quarterback Nick Foles on Sunday. left the game after being sacked by Giants linebacker Kavon Thibodeau. Foles was carted but listed with a rib injury.

On Sept. 29, Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa was rushed to the hospital after hitting his head on the turf in a game against the Bengals. Tagovailoa quickly raised his hands and spread his fingers. This is a gesture called the “fencing reaction” and may be a sign of brain damage.

Tagovailoa was diagnosed with a concussion and later returned to the team, but the moment attention was focused on an investigation initiated the week before, conducted jointly by the league and the NFL Players Association, he suffered a concussion four days earlier in a game against the Bills. .

An investigation found that the team had followed the league’s concussion protocol, but the NFL and players union agreed to amend the procedure to bar players from returning to play if they exhibited ataxia. . brain and nerves. Under the previous protocol, players who exhibited “significant motor instability”, such as difficulty standing or walking, could return to play if doctors determined the instability had an orthopedic cause. I was.

Tagovailoa was again diagnosed with a concussion after being sacked in a game against the Green Bay Packers on December 25.

Kevin Williamscontributed to the report.


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