Buddy Hield sets NBA 3-point record that will never be broken

Buddy Hield is an elite three-point shooter that dates back to his college days at the University of Oklahoma. Hield has transformed from a prolific player to a college superstar in his senior year with the Sooners and the best player in the country with his shooting prowess with volume and precision 3-pointers. Hild, who was drafted sixth overall in 2016 by the New Orleans Pelicans, has been something of a traveler ever since. He was traded to Sacramento for DeMarcus Cousins ​​and to Indiana for Domantas Sabonis. he became a pacer.

Hield never became a star in the NBA, but he still shoots really well and is a very good role player. On Thursday night, against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Hield hit a record 3-pointer. He is now the fastest owner of his three in NBA history.

Cavaliers center Jarrett Allen got the chip, but he knocked the ball right back toward Hield. The ball slipped through the net after just 3 seconds of game time. Watch play here:

Just three seconds into the game from the opening chip, Hield broke the record set by Reggie Miller in 2000 for the fastest three-point start in NBA history.

Anyone going to break this mark? Hield was in perfect position to shoot the opening three as soon as he caught the ball off the tip. In one motion, he caught the ball into shooting position and washed zero innings when he turned around and shot. Given the way the team lines up in the first chip, it’s pretty hard to imagine it’s physically possible to hit a 3-pointer faster than Hield did against the Cavaliers.

The Pacers beat the Cavaliers 135-126, another incredible success this season. Indiana is now 19-17 overall.

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