Bridging the Gender Gap: Inspiring Words from the Women Making Waves on Starship | Annie Handrick | | Starship Technologies | March 2023

Author: Lys Verthal

In honor of International Women’s Day today, we’ve compiled a list of powerful words for the women of Starship. The women of Starship have made an impact in our company and beyond in their respective fields. These quotes are reminders of the strength, resilience and wisdom of women throughout history and inspire all of us at Starship to continue fighting for a more just and just world.

Despite significant progress in recent years, women are still underrepresented in the tech and startup industries. The World Bank reports that women make up less than one-third of the global workforce in tech-related fields, and even fewer women of color. It’s a complex issue with causes.

One of the challenges women face in the tech and startup industries is the lack of female role models and mentors. Women often struggle to find support and guidance from other women in this field, which can make it difficult to navigate the industry and build successful careers.

Another challenge is gender bias. Research shows that women are often underrepresented and underrepresented in male-dominated fields like technology. This bias can manifest itself in many ways, from unfair wages to exclusion from key decision-making processes.

But many women have made a name for themselves in the tech and startup worlds by breaking down these barriers, fighting back, and advocating for greater representation and inclusiveness in their industry.

The Starship women from different parts of the world are a perfect example of this. We’ve collected inspirational quotes from many of them, so make them your role models and inspiration. increase. Let us reflect on their wisdom and courage as we continue to strive for a fairer and just world for all.

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“I have suffered from imposter syndrome since day one of my career. She’s seven years into my career, and I always have to remind myself that if I can get into a room, I deserve to be in that room. “

Andrea Martinez De Carolis, US-based Campus Marketing Manager

About recruitment:

“Sometimes in life we ​​find ourselves in a position where we love the people we work with, we love our work, we love the rewards. An individual who deserves to be challenged.Finding this balance will take time.But trust me, it’s there.If you find yourself looking for the right career trajectory, don’t compromise. Be clear about your purpose, be vocal about your needs and go after what you want.The job market is always changing and now is the time when recruiters are waiting to find you. No. Don’t be afraid to use online resources, application platforms and networks to facilitate your professional development.”

my goals:

“My ambition is to be known as someone who helps others. My work experience began with serving others in the restaurant industry. I also helped the owner grow a local business and now I am helping recruit strong people to help grow our business. It has changed over the years, but its purpose has always been clear: to be a constant voice for advocating, inspiring and helping others.”

Gracie Meadows, US-based recruiter

Female leaders are often labeled as too bossy, difficult, aggressive, nosy, and emotional. What it really means is that you are assertive, ask the right questions, and lead with your mind and heart. be open to Make brave decisions patiently and deprioritize people you please.

Teele Kruzman, Head of Services and Deployment, Estonia

“Diversity of thought and experience leads to groundbreaking ideas. Nobody said there was only one way to eat peanut butter. It’s the same in the tech industry, innovative women have inspired me since I was a little girl, and if you can do the same thing with a power screwdriver or peanut butter, it’s me. Please count.

Sarah Gutierrez, US-based robotics engineer

“There are no dull days at Starship! Being in such an innovative company working on projects the world has never done before makes me feel like every employee is growing and learning every day. As a result, many of our employees genuinely enjoy their work and are incredibly supportive of each other as a result!

There are certainly moments when things get complicated, like when you’re working on multiple launches on top of your day-to-day operations (they are these days!). A new city that loves robot deliveries is always worth it!!”

Arianna Namaki, UK based city marketing

“Yes I can” is my girl power mantra that I live by. backs me up. “

Quyen Huynh, US Human Resources Manager

“I grew up in Mexico for several years. I hope we can have the same rights.We deserve the same opportunities and respect.”

Elda Velazquez, US-based Service Team Lead

On Women’s Day last year, we shared here the stories of two bright and very smart Starship ladies, Karolina and Karli. Check them out too!

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