Manny Pacquiao sheds light on the details of his next move in martial arts.

The boxing star and former multiple-time champion has opened up about his move to Rizin FF. During his Rizin FF vs. Bellator event in Japan on Saturday, a promotion revealed that Pacquiao has signed with them and is set to debut in 2023.

Speaking to reporters about his transfer to Rizin FF, Pacquiao said, “RIZIN has great action, great fights, and a great atmosphere in the crowd.”

Pacquiao has revealed that while Rizin is primarily an MMA promotion, he sticks to his sport, at least on an exhibition level.

“Yes,[the deal is]boxing, one fight, but it won’t be the last,” Pacquiao said.


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Pacquiao ends his exhibition match against YouTuber DK Yoo in Seoul, South Korea. He won by unanimous decision.

As for who he might face in his second exhibition match after retiring from professional boxing, Pacquiao said he still doesn’t have a definitive opponent. believe.

Pacquiao said, “I’m happy to have an exhibition fight on December 11th last year. I’m excited and very happy.”

“But for the next exhibition match here in Japan, I think my opponent will probably be a professional UFC or MMA fighter, so he knows how to punch and of course cover.”

While much remains to be decided, the 44-year-old can be sure that the Rizin FF match won’t be his last. Pacquiao plans to continue fighting beyond his one-fight contract with Rizin FF.

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