To Ken Hissner: Undefeated IBF, WBO and WBC Light Heavyweight Champion Artur Beterbiev in the main event Saturday between ESPN+ Bob Arum (Top Rank Boxing) and Frank Warren (Queensbury Promotions) at OV Arena, Wembley, London, UK Stopped the Commonwealth Boxing Council. WBO Intercontinental his champion and WBO’s #1 contender, Anthony Yade, entered the battle of the 8th round competition with his 19th consecutive suspension.

In the joint feature, WBA World Flyweight Champion Artem Darakian narrowly defeated WBA Gold World Flyweight Champion David “Medalita” Jimenez in his sixth defense.

Main Event Olympian, IBF, WBO and WBC World Light Heavyweight Champion Arthur Beterbiev, 19-0 (19), #174 ½, Commonwealth and WBO Intercontinental Anthony “The” of Montreal, Quebec, Russia and Canada The Beast Stopped “From the East” Yarde, 23-3 (22), #174 ¼, Ilford, London, UK, 2:01 of the eighth round of the competition scheduled for 12 rounds.

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In the second round, in which he made his British debut, Beterbiev landed a right on Yard’s chin midway through the round. With a minute left, Yard landed a right uppercut to the chin, and seconds later landed another right uppercut. is no longer allowed to land. A good right to Beterbiev’s body was his best punch with a minute left.

In the fourth round, Beterbiev pinned Yards in the corner and fired a flurry of punches before Yards ran away. With a minute remaining, Yard landed a solid left hook to Beterbiev’s chin.

In the fifth round, Yard lost his mouthpiece from his second jab and was cautioned by referee Steve Gray. With a minute left, a left hook from the chin yards rocked Beterbiev. In the final seconds of the round, Beterbiev again pinned Yards into the corner, landing more than a dozen unanswered punches on Bell.

In the sixth round, Yard was cut from Beterbiev’s right to under his right eye early in the round. With a minute left in the yards, there was a cut under his left eye and Beterbiev’s eyelid. At the midpoint of the seventh round, Beterbiev pinned Yards to the ropes and landed half a dozen unanswered punches. Yard landed a left hook to Beterbiev’s chin, forcing him to back off.

In the eighth round, Beterbiev landed a pair of overhand rights to the head and dropped Yarde, who took an eight count from referee Gray. He got up, turned his back on Beterbiev, and he faced his corner as the referee let him continue until a few punches and a yards corner from Beterbiev called a stoppage.

In the joint feature, WBA World Flyweight Champion Artem Dalakian, 22-0 (15), #111.6, Baku, AZE, Kyiv, UKR defeated David “Metallita” Jimenez, 12-1 (9) by narrow decision Did. , #111.1, Carthage, CR, over 12 rounds in 6th defense.

In the first three rounds, Jiménez didn’t stop coming forward as Dalakian took the round in the champion’s sixth defense and came out first from Ukraine. In the fourth round, Darakian’s left hook to the chin buckled Jimenez’s knee in the final seconds.

At the halfway point of the fifth round, a head clash left Jimenez’s right eye cut and blood running down the side of his face, but he still kept coming forward. He didn’t back down and landed an effective punch to Jimenez’s jaw.

In the seventh round, Jimenez continued to run away by hitting Darakian in the back of the head in the clinch without warning from referee Michael Alexander. Another good round from champion Darakian.

In the 10th round, Darakian landed an effective uppercut to the chin of Jiménez, who was trying to become Costa Rica’s first world champion. In the 11th round, the action continues as Jimenez seems to have landed more overall, more effective punches or not. In the twelfth and final rounds, both tried to win in very close matches.

With scores of 115-113 twice and 116-112, this writer was 114-114.

Southpaw Karol Itauma, 9-1 (7), #174.1, Slovakia and Chatham, Kent, Great Britain, Ezequiel Osvaldo “El Olimpico” Maderna, 29-10 (19), #174.7, La Plata, Bueno Aires, ARG, scheduled He won the vacant WBC International Light Heavyweight title at 1:04 of the fifth round of ten rounds.

In the first round, Maderna landed a right to southpaw Itauma’s chin six times. In the final minute of the second round, Itauma landed on his right neck and Maderna’s right glove touched the canvas without a count from referee John Latham. In the fifth round, Maderna landed a grazing on the right side of Itauma’s face, causing Itauma, bleeding from his nose, to take the count when referee Latham got up. It was the first time in his nine matches outside of Argentina that Maderna had won.

Super Featherweight Charles ‘Boom Boom’ Frankham, 7-0 (2), #132 ½, Crowthorn, Berkshire, Great Britain, 8-11-4 (6), #128, Cucuta, COL, and Joshua Ocampo of Valencia , SP, over 6 rounds.
The score is 60-54 by referee Sean McAvoy.

Cruiserweight 6’07” Southport Tommy ‘The Norfolk Nightmare’ Fletcher, 4-0 (3), #199.4, of Satford, Norfolk, UK, Southpaw Darryl Sharp, 7-97-1 (1), #188.5, of Manchester , UK, over 6 rounds.

In the first two rounds, the much taller Fletcher dominated the Iron Jaw (only stopped three times in 104 fights). In the third round, Fletcher landed a solid right uppercut to the defensively-minded Sharpe’s chin mid-round. I put a punch in. Fletcher went the distance, winning six rounds for the first time.

Umpire Sean McAvoy scored 60-54, as did this writer.

Heavyweight southpaw Moses “Enrico” Itauma, 1-0 (1), #248, Chatham, Kent, Great Britain Marcel Bord, 2-2 (2), #220, Pisen, Czech Republic at 0:23 The first of four scheduled rounds.

In the first round, Itaba landed a lead left pair in the glove that guarded Bourdet’s chin in the second round, tried for an eight count, then stood up and was shaken off by referee Mark Bates.


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