javonta davis took to social media to confirm his fight Hector Luis Garcia will go forward. The boxing star was arrested earlier this week on charges of domestic violence.

However, the woman who called 911 claimed that neither she nor her daughter was harmed, and Davis was released Wednesday.

“The last few days have been hurtful and very exhausting for everyone involved.” boxing Written by Starr Davis’ daughter.

“I am proud to be very private. This situation was the last thing I didn’t want to make public.

“The state of our relationship was in a fragile space, and Gervonta and I were both responsible for the discussion. Jerbonta did no harm to me or my daughter..

“Today, we have sought the help we need to move forward in our lives. We are confident that with the counseling provided to us, we will succeed within the co-parenting dynamic.”

The promoters of the fight, which is scheduled to take place in Washington on January 7, have yet to make an official announcement. Davis I posted a message on Twitter confirming that I will play against Dominica.

“January 7th, DC.. READY!!” posted Davis.

ing has not lost a single match in 27 matches. He will face Garcia, who has a 16-0 record, including 10 KOs.

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