Evander Holyfieldthe former world heavyweight and cruiserweight champion thinks: Oleksandr Usyk have an advantage in the fight against Tyson Fury For 2023 heavyweight unification.

“Both of them look like great fighters to me, but Usyk has a fine hand,” Holyfield thought in an interview. YouTube channel, iFL TV. “He’s a smart fighter. If Fury doesn’t fight like him, Usyk will win because of rhythm issues.”

Like Usyk, Holyfield was a cruiserweight champion at first, but then made the jump to top flight, George Foreman When Mike TysonEvander explained that Usyk’s speed could work to his advantage, much like he did against big fighters in his prime.

“One of the reasons I went to heavyweight was when I realized he was faster than the others,” Evander said. I said I wanted to do it, but now we’re very close.

He believes Usyk has some advantages, but the former champion feels that the initiative in the fight rests with Fury and his strategy.

Reign WBC, IBF, WBA When WBO Champion Although he has never lost a fight, Usyk has only one heavyweight knockout over three years ago.

Evander Holyfield thinks it depends on what Fury does

“The fight depends on how Fury does it,” added Holyfield. “They like to throw two or three shots, but when attacked in combination they hate and fall apart.”

Similarly, Holyfield praised Fury’s abilities as a 7-foot-plus man, and could eventually be the one to break Usyk’s undefeated record if he capitalizes on those size and power advantages. I believe.

“The difference is whether there were big fighters like Fury in my time. (Anthony) Joshua They said they were clumsy because they didn’t get along,” Ivander said. They have learned to do it well from a very early age. ”

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