Boxing Day traffic rises in the UK, but inflation still weighs on

British retailers saw a 50% increase in store traffic for annual Boxing Day sales compared to 2021, according to shopper tracking agency Springboard.

Despite this increase, the number of bars remained 30.5% below 2019 levels.

Last year’s Boxing Day sales were subdued as coronavirus Omnicron stock forced more shoppers to stay home.

“Calm, sunny weather is encouraging gait and will no doubt encourage consumer outings. It provides real reason to be optimistic among retailers.

On 27 December, despite being a traditional discount shopping day in the UK, this optimism was fueled by retailer visits as Springboard announced a further 36.6% increase compared to Boxing Day. further increased the number.

Sadly for retailers, this level remains 25% below pre-pandemic levels in 2019.

However, many retailers expected deals to deteriorate due to the cost of living crisis and continued disruptions caused by transport and logistics strikes in the UK.

While the news is encouraging for retailers, Springboard said the shopping surge could be a “last hooray” before belts tighten in January as energy bills arrive and the cost of living crisis continues. He sounded a word of warning in the belief that there was sexuality.

That’s according to a Barclaycard survey, where the average person is expected to spend £229 on post-Christmas sales, £18 less than last year.

Through a survey of 2,000 potential shoppers, a credit card company found that 42% were cutting back on spending, with rising costs of living being a key factor in decision making.

However, 30% say they’ve been holding back on rewarding themselves, family and friends in the past few months and will use post-Christmas sales to make up for it.

Harshna Cayley, Head of Online Payments, Barclaycard Payments, said: That being said, retailers can have confidence in knowing that shoppers are still planning to take full advantage of the deals and discounts on offer. “

The full results of the critical Christmas period will be revealed in the coming weeks. Some industry experts fear a wave of high-street retailers will enter control.

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