Chris Eubank Jr. One of the leading contenders for the middleweight world title, the British fighter has beaten the great and hopes to be given the chance to fight for the universal belt in 2023.

The British fighter has a record of 32 wins, 23 knockouts and 2 losses.in his next battle he will face Liam Smith I would like to face Kazakhstan’s Gennady Golovkin in this match on January 21 in Manchester, England, if I win.

Eubank looks for Golovkin

Gennady Golovkin come from losing to Canelo Alvarez It was the end of three fights where he lost twice and drew once. In his final clash with Mexico’s ‘GGG’, even many fans suggested he should retire, but Eubank doesn’t see it that way and wants to face Kazakhstan.

“Golovkin Because he has the middleweight belt and it’s a fight that can be done and that should be done,” Eubank told Sky Sports.

“I guess Canelo Number two. he’s a big name He’s a guy that everyone knows in this sport and I think I can beat him. These will be the two remaining Christmas wishlist battles this year. ”

Eubank thinks Golovkin wants a fight

After losing to Canelo, Golovkin doesn’t have many options in boxing. Gennady would like to


“Now we are in a position where he cannot go anywhere else.The biggest payday, the biggest name is me, so I hope this game comes after the Smith match in the summer. ”


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