Canelo Alvarez has a lot of plans in boxing for 2023 and the next few years, but he hasn’t shied away from the topic of retirement.

In fact, the Mexican boxer has several dreams he wants to fulfill when he takes off his gloves, one of which has to do with the big screen.

Opponent Canelo On the agenda this year is a rematch with Dmitry Bivoland fight David Benavidez or Caleb Plantbut nothing is confirmed at this time.

Saul Alvarez Although he has already made his foray into cinema while taking part in Creed III, a movie that keeps the story of ‘Rocky’ alive, the Mexican fighter said in an interview with GQ Mexico magazine that he wanted to ‘remain in the box’. 4, 5, or 6 years from now.”

However, after retiring David Beckham In “GOL” or “King Arthur”.

“You don’t have to say it, but you might want to play a role like this.” Beckham I was in a movie that he did. Something about the Vikings or the Romans wouldn’t be bad.” Canelo In an interview with GQ Mexico.

Canelo prepares documentary about his life

Saul Alvarez Continuing the on-screen topic, he revealed the shooting of a documentary about his life and the working title he has in mind, “The Boy Who Didn’t Have a Childhood.”

“We make documentaries for people to know everything behind it because obviously people look at you and think it’s easy. Alvarez.

“Then the people who work at home say I’m not worried about anything, but I might be more worried than they are.

“What I’m trying to say is I want people to look beyond boxers and see what’s behind the fight and how they prepare.

“No, it’s not easy… I’ve been working since I was five years old. I actually haven’t been through a lot of the things that kids and teens usually do. I have no regrets because of that I am here now and now have the opportunity to enjoy all that I have sacrificed.”

Finally, he also talked about participating in “Creed III”. He said it was for a very short period of time, but he was honored to be a part of it because his inspiration when he started boxing was the ‘Rocky’ story.

“It’s not a role you might imagine, but I’ve only been in it for a few seconds, but I’m honored to be a part of one of the stories that most drove me when I was young. ” Alvarez.

“When I started boxing, I used to watch Rocky movies to motivate me, but now I feel honored to be in such an important film.”


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