2022 will be an extraordinary year in the history of Seattle soccer. The Seattle Sounders achieved their all-time high by becoming the first MLS team to win the Concacaf Champions League, and probably their all-time low when they failed to make the playoffs for the first time since his MLS arrival in 2009.

There were many positives elsewhere in the organization as well. The Sounders Academy won his second consecutive GA Cup, while Tacoma his Defiance advanced to the playoffs for the first time since 2015.

Not to forget, OL Reign had arguably the most important season after moving full-time to Lumenfield. They played an epic end-of-season game to earn his NWSL Shield on the final day, after which he hosted a playoff game in front of a record crowd of 21,491.

Here are some of what our writers think 2023 has in store.

I think 2022 is the year we can really appreciate the positives. Whether or not the Sounders won his CCL didn’t matter much in terms of how they viewed the season. My insistence has always been that once the season is firmly in the rearview mirror, becoming the first MLS team to win the CCL is far more important than anything that could happen in the regular season. You can see how true that is.

The Sounders made history. don’t forget that. We had an evening unlike any other and every expectation was met.Maybe they were always destined to suffer some sort of disappointment after that, but I don’t think we should worry too much about that anymore.- Jeremiah

This is a bit obvious, as the Sounders are guaranteed to make some sort of history when they actually become the first MLS team to qualify for the Club World Cup. He qualified for the 2001 edition by winning the cup, but the tournament was canceled for that year. But I’d take it a step further and predict that the Sounders would be the first MLS team to actually win a Club World Cup match.

The Sounders will face either Auckland City (New Zealand), Widad Casablanca (Morocco), Al Ahly (Egypt) or Al Hilal (Saudi Arabia), with the latter three effectively playing home games. Like the Sounders, Auckland City are out of the offseason while the other three teams are focused on midseason.

Despite these built-in drawbacks, I think it can be argued that the Sounders probably have the talent advantage and at least fewer outside distractions. Built around that, at this point they can be at or very close to full power.- Jeremiah

While the playoff semi-finals were an emotional disappointment, OL Reign’s first full season at Lumen Field was undoubtedly a huge success both on and off the field. The club has broken attendance records on numerous occasions and far exceeded expectations heading into the season. Especially given the short time it took to sell season tickets after the team announced its move, and the small marketing team that has continued to expand throughout the year. If history is any indication, the second half of next season will see a massive influx of new and retired fans filling the stands. The number of participants has more than doubled, setting new records every year.

The club has gained invaluable experience with the logistics of opening an additional section at Lumenfield for the 2022 semi-finals. This should make the whole process for 2023’s big crowd matches much smoother. , they now have a better idea of ​​which sections are the most in demand and ideal price points, and that fans will find many USWNT stars throughout the league, as well as in Australia and New Zealand.

Even if USWNT doesn’t win three tournament trophies in a row, there’s no doubt that some OL Reign games will draw over 15,000 fans later this summer. – Steve

Sounders rarely stand in the way of players pursuing a range of opportunities domestically or abroad. According to Transfermarkt, he was only 12 times the team received any kind of fee from a player during his MLS years — because Sporting CP paid Freddy Montero the loan fee first before paying the additional transfer fee. , is only 11 players — and he is four times. The player was sold to a foreign club. Even if we only see the beginning of that change in 2023, it’s likely that it will start to change.

Danny Leyva’s rumored move to Liga MX could quickly become the Sounders’ best deal if additional interest from European clubs brings the Sounders closer to their reported asking price of $2 million. It could be one of the outbound transfer fees. Leyva looks likely to be the first in a wave of outbound transfers led by homegrown talent Reid Baker His Whiting is currently training with his SC his Freiburg in the Bundesliga and the team is reportedly considering a loan with a purchase option. Baker-Whiting couldn’t join the team on loan until he turned 18 at the end of March, but it’s clear he’s got Europe’s attention. Obed said in August that Vargas will turn 18 and look likely to be the Sounders’ first sales approaching eight figures if he can fully recover from his back injury.

With the club’s global recognition growing, having sent four players to the World Cup and now preparing to participate in the Club World Cup, it’s a great opportunity for the Sounders to enter the transfer market as a true player. there is no. – Tim

For 2021, Wade Webber’s team ran a variation of 3-4-2-1. [house] And in 2022 there was the use of high-pressure wingers to provide forward defense. These permeate the first team as well.

Perhaps the thickness of the centre-backs and the current lack of centre-forwards will result in a strange backline and high pressure combination. Earlier in the year, the Tacoma Defiance ran with three 8’s and no traditional 6’s. High pressure could appear on his green, usually from a midfield attack.

There could be something like a box midfield again. With so many 6’s and 8’s to play in the organization, Defiance could be a place to put 6/8/10 he four interchangeable mids if needed . and fullback.

This means giving hot-selling youngsters more of a touch and preparing them for the intensity of MLS play. – Dave

The Sounders last defeated the Timbers at home in the regular season on May 27, 2017. At the same time Providence he balanced out somewhat with a record of 5-4-1 at the Park, but the frustration persists nonetheless.

I predict this streak will end in 2023. The Sounders will get a chance to reverse his streak twice, on June 3 and his September 2nd. In one of them, the Sounders wrap up a three-game homestand. For our second meeting, the Sounders returned home from Austin a few days ago. – Jeremiah

The pandemic has been very difficult for Sounders, and attendance had already been steadily declining prior to that. And I hope they start to get a little more creative.

Here’s what the Mariners do: If you pay upfront, you can choose which games, where you want to sit, and how many tickets you want, at various discounted prices. With a third deck, there seems to be no reason why Sounders couldn’t offer something else. at a much lower entry price. – Jeremiah

I don’t think it’s that crazy to think the Sounders could be in contention for the Supporters Shield or the MLS Cup, but I feel like the Leagues Cup is going to be a real fight. They have shown in each of the last two seasons that they can beat their Liga MX opponents. This experience must be considered useful for them in the extended tournaments this summer.

Aside from the success of the Sounders, I’m looking forward to seeing how this tournament turns out.I totally understand the skepticism and I doubt attendance will be all over the place, but there is real potential for this to turn into an engaging tournament and that the Sounders set the tone. I don’t care. – Jeremiah


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