Bills star critical after Bengals’ cardiac arrest at NFL game

Buffalo Bills safety Dumar Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest during Monday night’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals and was in critical condition early Tuesday morning, the Bills said in a statement.

The NFL game was postponed after Hamlin, 24, collapsed on the field. Medical personnel began CPR on him, prompting an ambulance to remove him off the field, according to the broadcast of the match.

A horrifying incident occurred when Hamlin completed a tackle on Cincinnati wide receiver William “Tee”. Higgins with 5:58 remaining in the first quarter. After trying to get up, he immediately fell down.

Many other players seemed upset as the staff tended to him. Among them was a player who was caught on camera with tears in his eyes.

As the stadium fell silent, the entire Bills team quickly took to the field and knelt in prayer. Cincinnati fans cheered as the team returned to the locker room.

“Dummer Hamlin suffered cardiac arrest after being hit in game against Bengals,” the Bills tweeted early Tuesday morning. “His heartbeat recovered on the field and was transferred to the University of California Medical Center for further examination and treatment. He is currently sedated and listed as in critical condition.”

FOX19 reporter Joe Dannemann wrote on Twitter, “I hear Dumar Hamlin has a pulse, but he doesn’t breathe on his own,” according to an unidentified source. He added that medical personnel used a defibrillator in addition to performing CPR.

Another FOX19 reporter, Tricia Macke, said he was intubated.

It took about an hour for the NFL to officially postpone the game after the horrific incident.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter told Monday Night Football Studios, “This incident feels unique from what we’ve seen in modern times.” It was chilling.”

Just two years into his NFL career, Hamlin was selected 212th overall in the sixth round of the 2021 draft.

He studied communications at the University of Pittsburgh. In 2020, he launched his Chasing M’s Foundation. Raised more than $100,000 for a community toy drive benefiting children near his hometown of McKee’s Rocks, Pennsylvania.

“As I embark on my journey to the NFL, I never forget where I come from and am dedicated to using my platform to make a positive impact on the communities that raised me,” Hamlin said at the time. increase.

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