Sports popularity has its ups and downs, and boxing is no exception. Until the 2010s, boxing enjoyed high-profile matches and crowds of fighters. Of course, there were video games to accompany the popularity, with titles like Knockout Kings, Fight Night, and Ready 2 Rumble.

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There’s been a depletion of releases lately, but there are some gems to be found there, and if you’re a fan of PSVR kits, there are tons of titles to choose from. Legacy controls still have a notable release or two left for boxing fixes.

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6/6 punch club

Fighting onlookers inside the dirty ring of the Punch Club

Punch Club puts a twist on the typical formula because it’s more about being a manager than being in the ring. You manage your up-and-coming fighter to eat right, exercise, and form relationships. These things will help you improve your stats and dominate any opponents you may encounter.

The match is more of a pre-match match than the match itself. Assign fighters the skills that best suit their opponents. Then, go into battle and watch your training pay off or, if you’ve been lazy, your fighters get injured. Letting go of control may not be for everyone. Also, training can feel like a struggle if you’re new to the system.

5/6 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Left straight boxing connected at Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Not a full boxing title, but includes an arcade boxing game. Think of it as a more modern Wii Sports. Control your fighter by watching the meter and unleash haymakers, jabs, and super punches. This is not the only game in the package. If you want to move on to the next game, you can switch to the next game.

The simple control scheme means that virtually anyone can pick it up, making it perfect for family gatherings and keeping kids occupied. It’s easy enough for a human to understand. The graphics may leave a lot to be desired, but they more than make up for it in the fun department.

4/6 Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champion

Raise your arm after defeating a fallen opponent in Creed Big Rumble Boxing Creed Champion

Creed Champions brings together fan favorites from all corners of the Rocky Universe and pits them against each other. For example, you can pit a son against a father by having their creeds face off. An arcade fighter who can start doing cool moves in minutes, so don’t worry about him spending an hour mastering the controls.

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This is both a blessing and a curse. Picking up a controller and mashing buttons to deal damage is fun, but nothing more. is.

3/6 police box

The main character doing a body blow with a patobox

If you are in need of a replacement punchout, look no further. While taking notes from the Wii version of Punch-Out, it employs the graphic style made popular by Mad World. You have to look closely at your opponents to find patterns and use them to beat them.

But the Pato Box does more than just get you in the ring. You can use these skills anywhere from the street to the kitchen. No, really — there’s a boss who fights you over soup and utensils.

2/6 knockout league

Pirates attack you with swords in Knockout League

If you’ve played Ready 2 Rumble before, you’ll feel right at home here. Knockout League is a VR fighter with a colorful cast of characters that delivers banter and beatdowns. It also has a splash of Punch Out in that you have to look for patterns to effectively fend off your opponent.

The main problem is that it doesn’t take a lot of technique to beat a person. It’s a good workout, but it may not appeal to some people.

1/6 Creed: Rise to Glory

Michael B. Jordan as Creed Taking a Defensive Posture

If you’ve ever considered getting your hands on a VR system, Rise to Glory is practically a must-have. It’s closer to simboxer than arcade, but has enough elements of both to make it enjoyable for both the casual and the enthusiast. It’s deeper than many other VR boxing titles where you punch to your heart’s content. Thanks to the stamina mechanic, fighters can run out of gas, preventing VR peripherals from tracking their actual movements. Therefore, attacks and movements must be weighed and balanced in order to be most effective.

There is much less pattern play here, as opponents adapt to punches to counter them. This keeps you on your toes, as you might throw a false hay maker that leaves you wide open.

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