FC Barcelona’s troubles are not over yetThings looked rosy at the Camp Nou when the first whistle of the season blew in 2022, with a stellar new squad gracing the bright green pitch but now clouds were looming over the Pyrenees. seems to be plaguing the club beyond.

Reportedly, Barcelona cannot use any more economic means They famously pulled over in the summer, creating capital that allowed the club to incorporate players such as Rafinha and Robert Lewandowski, offering players improved deals.

Barcelona summer strategy

This summer, Barça president Joan Laporta has repeatedly spoken about the economic means of rescuing the club from the financial woes caused by its financial woes. like that, The club sold stakes in various parts of the organization to provide an instant infusion of cash available at the moment, improving the quality of the team and allowing them to start a winning cycle. The result is more money.

sound of plans logical and thoughtful, success in football will definitely make a lot of money, so that is the best way to generate income. Barcelona needed money quickly, They sold a variety of things, including shares in Barça Studios and future TV rights. To generate the money they need to get the players they want.

Rafinha was acquired from Leeds United in the summer for a transfer fee of around €50m.

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Rafinha was acquired from Leeds United in the summer for a transfer fee of around €50m.Pau BallenaAFPMore

Will Barcelona be forced to sell their new signings?

But Given the still-incredibly high wage bills and the embarrassing collapse After losing the Champions League in the group stage this year, the club’s solution didn’t seem to work.

According to Christian Sturt, Robert Lewandowski earns around €400,000 a week, as well as Jules Kunde, Rafinha makes up more than half of that figure. The ridiculous wages of Polish strikers, for example, make little sense economically. Players are unlikely to be resold for significant sums of money. So are Marcos Alonso, Andreas Christensen and Hector Bellerin.

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Rafinha and Dembele: Who Goes?

barcelona boss Xavi has also struggled this season with the team he formed in the summer, with players such as Rafinha and Dembele stepping on each other’s toes and vying for the same position. Reports even say that one of the two “must go.” The Catalan manager has had to make drastic changes to his style of preference throughout the seasonfrom the expected 4-3-3 for a pure wide winger, playing 4 across midfield, sacrificing one of his focuses that initially featured the forward line.

What will the pitch look like in 2023?

Barcelona ended 2022 with a 1-1 draw to rivals Espanyol. The unknown outcome of the Qatar World Cup 2022 means that as football fans we are all plunged into the abyss of the New Year.no one knows how fatigue and overload injuries such as small tears and hamstring strains play into it. to

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