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Inspired by International Women’s Day, Starship celebrates powerful women in the global community. Did you know that out of Starship’s nearly 1000 employees, only ¼ are women? It is increasing steadily.

If Karoliina’s story inspires you, or if you’re interested in working for Starship, check out our career page.

Happy Women’s Day, Karolina! Please tell us a little bit about your career so far.

During the last year of my bachelor’s degree in IT and biology, I was taking a robotics class. The course coincided with Robotex, the world’s largest robotics competition, which happened to be held in Tallinn. I volunteered as a contest judge, accompanying a friend who is an avid robot fan. From that day on, my world changed forever.

During that time, I joined the Robotics Club at Tallinn University of Technology and built my own robot. In addition, he started teaching robotics to children at the Tallinn Secondary Science School. And when all the other stars lined up too, I joined the coolest kids on the block: Starship Technologies.

I joined the company as a robot operator when I was a student, and with enthusiasm I started working as a robot engineer less than a year later. Currently I am the leader of his service team in Tallinn/Helsinki.

Today, I love robots as much as I did when I walked through Starship’s door for the first time in 2018. Since that day, the world of technology and her journey of growth and discovery on Starship has been amazing and I love every moment of it. .

Oops, you and the robot really went hand in hand from the beginning. What is his typical day like at his current position?

In addition to my robots in Tallinn, where Starship’s development offices are located, I have also traveled as an engineer to the UK, Washington, California, and Wisconsin. In short, we are contributing globally by reaching out to our robotic friends wherever they need us. My dedication has paid off as I was recently offered a new and exciting position as team leader in Estonia and Finland.

My day-to-day work at Starship is very diverse. In the morning, our team usually has a to-do list review meeting. Our number one priority is to maintain the health of our robot fleet. Being a roboticist is very similar to being a doctor. We have a certain number of patients who memorize names and problems. Our job is to provide the best possible care for patients who come to us with complaints or monthly health checkups. We keep detailed documentation on each robot and closely monitor all necessary upgrades and fixes.

In addition to repairing robots, we also build electronics testers, test, diagnose and repair printed circuit boards (PCBs). One of the things I fell in love with as a novice tech enthusiast was PCBs. The functionality of small but powerful electronic boards has just opened up a whole new world for me. Electrons traveling through miniature cities to perform program tasks still seem magical.

Plus, at Starship, it’s an honor to work with some of the brightest minds in the field.

I love your insight! Tell us about Starship culture.

Starship’s culture is like no other. I wake up every day looking forward to going to work and often don’t even know when I’ll be home at night. People at Starship come together to share a common passion. The company has grown rapidly (and is still growing!).

we love it! Finally, what advice would you give to women who want to enter the world of technology and robotics?

Growing up with my brother and always being with his friends taught me early on that how you present yourself is more important than your gender. I mean, I’ve never felt like an outsider in a tech field that is often dominated by men. More important than your gender is the passion and love you bring to the table and team every day.

At Starship, employees are evaluated based on their abilities and passion for robotics, regardless of gender. I have always felt appreciated and cared for by each team member.

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Motivating the Nearly Impossible | Daniel Carrillo | | Starship Technologies

It is not his job to repeat and manage what has already been proven. Instead, he’s dedicated to revolutionizing the world of transportation. Starship senior mobile his developer Joakim Kronqvist wants to create a better automated world. With the help of robotics and smart tech platforms, he thrives when the future is in his hands.

Joakim has a wide range of roles where developing, planning and discussing mobile solutions with various stakeholders is part of his daily life. His work focuses on the apps that Starship customers download and use to order food and drinks. He explains that others are similar to his e-commerce platform, but he has one big difference. Robots make deliveries instead of humans.

In his spare time, he leads an active life and likes many things. For example, he is training for a marathon and puts in time and effort. Photography is another passion. Joakim loves spending his days in the woods drawing birds. preferably at odd angles.

What motivates and inspires you on Starship?

“The fact that we want to revolutionize not just our local market but the whole world is exciting. Our service can make a big difference.

But I also have the motivation to do things that no one else has done before. We are the first and largest company to automate home delivery. This means that we are facing challenges that no one has seen before. Copying someone else’s proven solution is a whole other ball game. ”

What was the most unexpected thing about your job?

“Starship is a fairly large company, but many teams are small, with a wide range of responsibilities and a lot of self-leadership.

How is Starship culture unique?

“Other companies call themselves international, but we are real. For example, my team includes employees from Colombia, Iran, India, Australia and Denmark.What we have in common is not heritage or background, but global Our willingness to start a revolution.”

What do you think is the secret to a successful career?

“Personally, I think life should have clear goals and perhaps high ambitions. I often say that if you are the smartest person in the room, you should probably change rooms immediately. Anyway, I think so.I want to date someone who is smarter than me.”

What do you think the future holds for robot development, transportation solutions, and AI?

“Looking back at industrialization at the end of the 19th century, I think we are currently seeing a similar shift towards an automated society. Some jobs will disappear and new ones will be created. It’s easy to see the benefits on both the face and the development side, and I’m driven to steer society in the right direction.”

Describe your work as if I were from another planet.

“I assume that you are an individual, just like a human being. Perhaps you also need certain objects. And perhaps you also find geographic conditions on your planet. Then you need these objects may be in a different physical location than you are currently in. You could say that you are creating a system that shows you where objects are and brings them to you.”

Does Starship make deliveries on the Metaverse?

“It’s so close to the physical dimension of the Starship that it’s hard to imagine, but perhaps from a different perspective. What people want from the virtual world should probably be offered and paid for in virtual currency.” There may be a future there too. Do you know?”

Would you like to join us on our special journey? Great, we are always looking for exceptionally talented people.find your next career here.

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Values ​​Working on the Starship Product Team | Monica Zick | | Starship Technologies

Product designers are complicit with product managers
As a product team, we also cherish delicious croissants🥐

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