Could Boston be the home of another professional sports team?!

The National Women’s Soccer League plans to add two more teams by 2024. The league was founded in 2012 by him with eight teams and has since enjoyed great success in its expansion.

Over the years, viewership, attendance and investment have increased significantly. As a result, the top bid for the expansion team in 2024 is reported to be over $40 million.

Tampa, San Francisco and Boston are three finalists by the end of 2022. One of those cities will join the Utah Royals, making it a potential 14-city.th team.

You may be wondering why Utah is reportedly a shoo-in. This offer has been under consideration for several years. In 2020, Real Salt Lake was sold and NWSL team Utah Royals moved to Kansas City (KC Current).

Part of the transfer agreement would see Real Salt Lake retain rights to the name and brand, with the option to revive the team in the future at a low cost of $2 million (much lower than the current bid cost). ESPN reports that the next year David Blitzer and Ryan Smith were reportedly very excited to buy RLS and revive the NWSL club.

Boston’s bid is backed by an all-female investment group that includes Linda Henry, CEO of Boston Globe Media. Any chance?

Boston has been part of women’s professional football since the Women’s United Football Association was founded in 2000.

The Boston Breakers are one of eight founding teams. Unfortunately, the league structure was not strong enough and fell apart after just three years.

The Boston Breakers continued to compete in various leagues after that, but nothing was permanent.

With the formation of the NWSL in 2012, the Breakers are once again one of eight founding clubs. They brought great talent and competed at a high level, but just before the 2018 season, the club fell apart. Many blame the lack of advertising and the resulting small fan base for its demise.

The league has grown significantly and the city is poised to revive its professional women’s soccer team and support it in a league boasting a roster of the best soccer players in the world.

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