To Charles Blanc: Michael Hunter has called the April 1 clash between Anthony Joshua and American Jermaine Franklin a “terrifying fight” for onlookers, but considering he’s with new trainer Derrick James, it’s a big deal for AJ. I understand why it’s an important match.

Joshua may be head over heels with the technically gifted Franklin, who is arguably as skilled as Oleksandr Usyk, but with better hand speed, combination punches, and size Joshua, his trainer, and promoter Eddie Hahn’s decision to pick Franklin, 29, as their April 1 trust builder could blow up their faces.

Two-time former heavyweight champion Joshua (24-3-22 KOs) I need victory in the worst possible way To keep his 10-year professional career on track, even after losing his last two fights against Oleksandr Usyk and three of his last five.

AJ eager to win

Joshua craves victory, and if he’s completely beaten by Franklin, look at what’s written on the wall, he doesn’t have it anymore, probably didn’t. Some say it was nothing more than Eddie Hearn’s creation, carefully matched, packaged like a product, and marketed to the boxing public as the real deal.

Hunter said Joshua, 33, would fight instead of Franklin (21-1, 14 KOs), who many felt was given the short end of the stick in his final fight with Dillian White in November. Wembley Arena, London, England on the 26th.

If Franklin was good enough to beat White, he would argue that it more than qualified him to face Joshua. I was able to thwart his attempts to force me to do so.

Hahn still doesn’t have a replacement star to take over from Joshua and become a matchroom star next gravy train A money guy who pours money into a company.

Conor Benn was thought to be the person to take the reins from Joshua, but his two positive drug tests make it clear he’s not the one for Hearn and his company.

Can Hahn renew Joshua?

it leaves Hahn as Dr. Frankenstein Match and rebuild Joshua with the right person in his own lab to win again, sustain his career and, more importantly, keep putting money Hopefully someone will come along who can be Matchroom’s next rich man for as long as possible.

“I think the fight is terrifying. Are they training?” Michael Hunter told Pro Boxing Fans about AJ’s fight with Jermaine Franklin at London’s O2 Arena on April 1.

“I think it’s a horrible fight, but I think it’s a good one for Anthony Joshua as a personal fight. I think so. But when it comes to fan fights, no.

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