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MLB Pipeline We’ve just released a ranking of the top 10 prospects in baseball, and it’s no surprise to anyone. Francisco Alvarez were on them. The third pick is the Mets’ first-round pick in the 2022 draft. Kevin Parada.

As for Alvarez, the MLB Pipeline continued to rate him with the highest power and highest ceilings, ranking him higher than any catcher candidate. His power was rated at 70. fan graph, 70 power on the 20/80 scouting scale is synonymous with 30+ home run power. We certainly showed that this season when he hit his first major league home run of his career.

As MLB Pipeline points out, if Alvarez becomes an average receiver, it’s expected that “his offensive advantage should make him an All-Star a few times.” It’s also why MLB Pipeline considers Alvarez a Rookie of the Year contender if he gets enough playing time.

Alvarez was called the best power bat, but it may be Parada who turned out to be the best hitter.In fact, MLB Pipeline rates Parada as the best hitting tool (60) , among the top catch prospects, said:

The first catcher to be selected by the Mets in the 2022 draft and 11th overall, Palada has a great feel in the barrel and keeps things simple at the plate. 361 batting average and .453 his OBP in his draft year at Georgia Tech. 300 batting average with enough pop for a big leaguer.

In particular, having two catchers on this list is a pretty good deal. The surprising thing is Joey Lucchesi Without the trade, the Mets would have ranked No. 3 Endy Rodriguezthe prospect the Mets gave up on that three-team deal, and is rated as the sixth best prospect.

For all we know, the Mets could have a top three prospect in the near future. MMNMorethe Mets signed catcher Diverson Gutierrez during this year’s international free agency contract period. I got my bonus (Alvarez is the best).

The Metz farm system is going from strength to strength every year. With prospects like Alvarez, Parada and now Gutierrez, we can even see the Mets catching up.


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