Alicia Baumgardner puts her rivalry with Michaela Mayer on hold to pursue the undisputed super featherweight title.

Baumgardner surpassed Mayer by split decision in October to unify the WBC, IBF and WBO world titles.

Their rivalry intensified towards the fight and remained just as bitter afterwards.

Alicia Baumgardner
Alicia Baumgardner fights next in February

“I dominated that girl from round 1 to round 10,” Baumgardner said. sky sports“The judges were right and that’s where we started. We got the win and kept pushing.

“Beating Michaela Meyer was probably the best win I’ve ever had, and it was the best because it was a women’s exercise. It was at the O2 Arena, and the women were on the cards.” It was the star. We were able to sell out. Put women’s boxing on the map.

“We don’t think, ‘I could have done this, I could have done that.’ I can.”

Vacant WBA 130lb Title, Baumgardner Fights Elhem Mekhaled at all four major titles held at the Hulu Theater in Madison Square Garden on February 4.

Alicia Baumgardner
Baumgardner and Mayer clashed in a great contest last year

“she [Mekhaled] She was supposed to be in contention for the title, but it didn’t happen, but now that she has the undisputed fight, I know she’s a hungry fighter.

“There’s so much more to show the world and show ourselves that we’re changing every battle, that we’re in control of every battle…”

Another women’s undisputed fight will headline the bill in New York. , IBF and WBC titles against Erica Cruz.

“I’m on fire,” said Baumgardner. “When you look at Alicia Baumgardner, look at her story, look at her build-up, world title, defense, and her loss against another great fighter, you know the story behind it.

Michaela Mayer, Alicia Baumgardner
Baumgardner wins split decision Mayer disputes

“I think you know what that fighter went through to get to the top. Now that we’re here, there’s no turning back. See Amanda Serrano lose, Canelo lose. You know, losing doesn’t define you.”

Her feud with Meyer is unlikely to go away. Yet she could eventually lead to a rematch.

“The rivalry will always be there. Michaela has a loss to her record and that loss is to Alicia Baumgardner,” she said.

“You will always remember my name. No matter how our careers progressed, there will always be that bitterness in her. I’m sure people want to see a rematch.” Anything can happen in boxing, but right now, I’m aiming for the indisputable.

“I know Mikaela would love a rematch. It may happen, but for now I have the card.”

There is no doubt that Meyer wants revenge.she said before her sky sports She believes she should have won the match in two rounds.

Michaela Meyer and Alicia Baumgardner face off (Photo: Lawrence Lustig/BOXXER)
Michaela Mayer and Alicia Baumgardner could renew their rivalry in the future (Photo: Lawrence Lustig/BOXXER)

“If Michaela had come to her senses and said, ‘Alicia Baumgardner beat me fair and square, and I want a rematch,’ that might have been a different answer,” Baumgardner said.

“She’s in denial and she’s still bitter, so I feel like you haven’t figured it out yet. When you suffer a loss, you accept that loss. You move forward.” You grow out of it. I went through that experience. it doesn’t work like that.

“If you eat the humble pie, pick yourself up, do what you have to do, I think we’ll meet in the end.

“You can’t go back to the scorecard. They raised my hand that night. I’m united, but we keep moving forward. There’s still so much more to do in this sport and as fighters.” I will continue to be the light of women. Boxing.”


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