Alicia Baumgardner is on the verge of becoming the undisputed champion in her next fight against Elham Mekared and tells FightHub TV she has motivation to win this fight to beat rival Michaela Meyer .

Baumgardner says if all goes well, she may consider the idea of ​​a rematch with Mayer in the future, but in the meantime, she will realize her dream of winning every major world title. I am focused on doing Check out some of what she had to say below.

about how she feels heading into this upcoming fight that everyone will admit

I feel “strong, ready, ready, ready to make history.”

As for whether it’s hard to motivate yourself into this fight because you don’t have the kind of personal feud she has with Michaela Mayer?

“Not at all. This is more motivation for me now that I’ve beaten her and moved on to being undisputed. And now we’re here in New York as co-main event and We’re making history this Saturday.”

On whether he intends to give Mayer a rematch

“Again, anything can happen in boxing. I think a rematch would be great for the sport and we’ll have to see how it goes.”

About training camp with Tony Harrison

“It’s going well. Tony is also my trainer, so we’ve prepared well together for this fight. He also has a fight coming up, so it’s important what we’re doing as fighters.” I understand gender.”

On how she sees Harrison play against Tim Tzuju

“Listen, Tony’s ready. He’s been hungry for a very long time to get back there. So we have to make sure March 12th comes.”

On her thoughts on Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury

“I think Jake is a hungry up-and-coming fighter who wants to prove himself. Fury is already in the game and with the history behind his name, he wants to make a statement too. So I think it’s a great match and we’ll have to see who’s on the A-game more that night.”


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