Alec Manoa slams MLB Network analyst for body-shaming comments

Toronto Blue Jays ace Alec Manoa applauded after MLB analyst Anthony Recker hinted pitchers should lose weight.  (Reuters)

Toronto Blue Jays ace Alec Manoa applauded after MLB analyst Anthony Recker hinted pitchers should lose weight. (Reuters)

Athletes come in all shapes and sizes, but not everyone recognizes it, and Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Alec Manoa doesn’t endorse it.

Hurler of the Toronto Blue Jays, a finalist for the 2022 AL Cy Young Awards, was criticized Wednesday night for his body by MLB Network analyst and former player Anthony Recker. Besides, the 25-year-old was also dropped from the show. Top 10 2023 starting pitchers list Despite his dominant 2022 campaign.

Wrecker attacked Manoa’s 6-foot-6, 285-pound build and his work ethic at the gym, saying he was reluctant and wanted the right-hander to lose weight and slim down for next season. I hinted at it positively.

“Alek Manoa. I love you, Alek-Jim, give me a little more time and show me that you’re going to be consistent there for a little longer,” Wrecker said. “

As you can imagine, Recker’s comments weren’t well received on social media and didn’t take long to reach Manoah’s timeline.

Manoah, who has never hesitated to reply on Twitter, tweeted the video clip and tagged Recker, saying: You’re an outsider, you don’t know my work ethic. What I do at the gym is obviously working. Please check the numbers. I cannot say the same for myself. ”

Wrecker responded to Manoa’s tweet, trying to diffuse the situation, but did not apologize. I tried to defend my comment by saying

The Blue Jays ace called Wrecker for those replies while inviting him to learn what it’s like to train with a top-tier pro.

A Miami-based gym called Manoa Driven, run by Alek and brother Eric, has also had some fun at the tow truck’s expense by tweeting workout clips of some of the previous 2019 first-round picks. I got

The tweet also tagged Wrecker, saying, “Step into the box and ask why your [sic] It’s a broadcasting station now. ”

Former Jays pitcher Marcus Stroman also came to Manoa’s defense, applauded Wrecker and shamed him for his comments.

One of Manoah’s teammates, Anthony Bass, also joined the conversation, replying to the 2022 All-Stars tweet with a GIF of music producer DJ Khaled eating popcorn.

Since 2021, Manoa has posted 308.1 career innings with a 2.60 ERA, 3.51 FIP, and 307 strikeouts. Also, according to FanGraphs, his fWAR is 6.1, making him the 19th highest among MLB starters.

Wrecker, on the other hand, only played seven seasons in the big leagues from 2011 to 2017, posting an fWAR rating of 0 or less each season, resulting in a career fWAR of minus 1.6. The 39-year-old has posted a miserable .199/.283/.348 thrashline and a 76 wRC+ in his 206 career games.

Manoa previously defended teammate Alejandro Kirk, who was against body-shaming last season when a Montreal-based radio host criticized the fanbase’s admiration for the catcher, and later apologized. .

The Homestead, Fla. native has remained an easy person to root for, both on and off the field. And he certainly has a bright future ahead of him with the Blue Jays.

In his first full season in the major leagues, Manoa finished fourth among MLB eligible starters in earned run average (2.24) and fourth in American League pitches pitched (196.2), throwing five innings in each start. Done. He also posted a 3.31 xERA, 3.35 FIP, a 16.4% strikeout margin, and his career-high 4.1 fWAR.

Manoa is currently the frontrunner to be named the starter for Toronto’s 2023 season opener.

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