These were the highest ranked shooting guards in the latest tally mock draft:

author thompson

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

(Elite: Wings, Overtime, 6-6)

Previous overall standings: 4 (-1)

Best Overall Placement: 3 (CBS Sports)

Worst overall ranking: 11

After surpassing his older brother Amen in the first round of the Comprehensive Simulated Draft, author thompson We are behind towards the end of 2022.

Despite falling back slightly in the mock draft of this aggregate, Ausar gave some talent evaluators in the league the highest number of shots from across the arc that reached a maximum of 33.3% on 3.7 attempts per game. We were optimistic about the improvement.

keonte george

Chris Jones-USA TODAY Sports

(Baylor: guard, freshman, 6-4)

Previous overall standings: 13 (+6)

Best Overall Placement: 4 (For the Win)

Worst overall ranking: 15

keonte george With 20 points and 2 steals against Virginia and 18 points, 6 rebounds and 2 steals against Gonzaga, several NBA talent evaluators have been watching over the past month.

George is currently projected as a top 10 pick, according to multiple NBA talent evaluators at the G League Showcase in Las Vegas.

His field goal percentage (.390) and 3-point percentage (.326) leave a lot to be desired, but when you look at George’s free throw percentage (.824), his overall efficiency stands out in time. It gives talent assessors an optimistic view that it will improve over time.

Anthony Black

Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports

(Arkansas: guards, freshmen, 6-7)

Previous overall standings: 9 (-2)

Best Overall Placement: 4 (NBA Draft.net)

Worst overall ranking: 30

freshman in arkansas Anthony Black An interesting size for his position at 6 feet 7 inches and a physique reminiscent of the former three-time NBA champion. Sean Livingston.

Black’s all-around game has intrigued NBA talent evaluators with his efficient shooting from the field (.515) and across the arc (.394) and defense (1.8 steals). As Reed’s guard, Black needs to keep his turnover rate down (2.8).

Darik Whitehead

Rob Kinnan – USA TODAY Sports

(Duke: Wing, Freshman, 6-6)

Previous overall standings: 5 (-8)

Best Overall Placement: 6 (Sports Illustrated)

Worst overall ranking: Unranked (not included in a single Mock Draft)

dukes Darik Whitehead We saw his stock take a hit after he needed surgery on his broken right leg. But his NBA-ready size of 6 feet 7 inches and 220 pounds is Lance Stevenson It piqued the interest of NBA scouts and executives, and helped maintain expected lottery draft coverage.

‘He can play some big scoring games and also really impact the game with his versatility,’ says Duke coach John Shear Talked about whiteheads. “I don’t think he’s shown himself yet, but we’ll soon see what type of defender he can be. His size and athleticism allow him to defend multiple positions.”

Tarkavion Smith

Kevin Jairaj – USA TODAY Sports

(North Carolina: Guard, Sophomore, 6-4)

Previous overall standings: 14 (-1)

Best Overall Placement: 14 (Bleacher Report, SB Nation)

Worst overall ranking: 28

north carolina Tarkavion Smith In the second edition of the aggregate mock draft, it remains a borderline lottery outlook.

After returning for his sophomore season, Smith improved as a playmaker, increasing his assists distribution per game from 2.1 to 5.4.

Smith recently signed a deal with Life Sports Agency agent Todd Lammer to represent NIL.

Grady Dick

Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

(Kansas: Wing, freshman, 6-7)

Previous overall standings: 18 (+1)

Best Overall Placement: 11 (NBA Draft.net)

Worst overall ranking: Unranked (not included in a single Mock Draft)

Grady Dick He ranks second in the Big 12 Conference in offensive ratings (126.9) and three-pointers made (34).

At 6 feet 8 inches, he’s the right size for a swingman position and can move without opening the ball. His ability to produce off the dribble is an area he’s looking to improve for the rest of the season.

he made an athletic comparison Donte Divincenzo When Christian Brown From one NBA scout who spoke with HoopsHype.

An NBA scout said, “He’s a better athlete than he’s rated for his size.

Rayan Rupert

Phil Walter/Getty Images

(New Zealand Breakers: Wing, International, 6-6)

Previous overall standings: 26 (+8)

Best Overall Placement: 14 (Sports Illustrated)

Worst overall ranking: NR (out of rank)

(not included in the 2 mocks)

Rayan Rupert Cracked a top 20 pick thanks to his odd 7-foot-3 wingspan, on-ball defense, and ability to take down threes as a spot-up shooter along the wing.

Jet Howard

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

(Michigan: guards, freshmen, 6-8)

Previous overall standings: 94 (+71)

Best Overall Placement: 14 (ESPN)

Worst overall ranking: Unranked (not included in 3 mock drafts)

michigan freshman Jet Howard I made the biggest overall jump on the total mock draft board, jumping 71 spots.

The 6-foot-8-inch guard boasted the third-highest 3-point percentage (.403) in the Big Ten and was a sniper beyond the arc. He has also shown his ability to cut through the rim and penetrate off the dribble.

Sidi Sissoko

Ethan Miller – Getty Images

(Fire: Wing, G League, 6-7)

Previous overall standings: twenty four (-)

Best Overall Placement: 22 (ESPN)

Worst overall ranking: Unranked (not included in 3 mock drafts)

Sidi SissokoA star of the French U18 national team, he has a swingman-friendly size and quick feet that make him an excellent on-ball defender.

At Ignite, Sissoko has had an epiphany as a playmaker. As the season progresses, he will try to improve his jumper consistency.

Nicola Juricic


(Mega Basket: Wing, International, 6-8)

Previous overall standings: 38 (+9)

Best Overall Placement: 19 (athletic)

Worst overall ranking: Unranked (not included in 4 Mock Drafts)

Nicola Juricic After creating for his teammates and showing he can guard on the perimeter, he made it through to the late first round. He has struggled with shooting from across the arc so far this season.

Jordan Hawkins

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

(UConn: Wing, Grade 2, 6-5)

Previous overall standings: 31 (-4)

Best Overall Placement: 26 (The Athletic, Basketball News)

Worst overall ranking: Unranked (not included in 4 Mock Drafts)

Terrence Shannon

Kirby Lee – USA TODAY Sports

(Illinois: Wing, Senior, Ages 6-6)

Previous overall standings: 42 (+5)

Best Overall Placement: 20 (NBA Draft.net)

Worst overall ranking: Unranked (not included in 5 Mock Drafts)

colby jones

Katie Stratman – USA TODAY Sports

(Xavier: Wing, Jr., 6-6)

Previous overall standings: 46 (+8)

Best Overall Placement: 27 (Sports Illustrated)

Worst overall ranking: Unranked (not included in 4 Mock Drafts)

JJ Sterling

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

(Notre Dame: Guard, Freshman, 6-4)

Previous overall standings: 45 (+5)

Best Overall Placement: 22 (Yahoo)

Worst overall ranking: Unranked (not included in 4 Mock Drafts)

ricky council

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

(Arkansas: Guards, Jr., 6-6)

Previous Rank: 87 (+46)

Highest rank: 19 (NBADraft.net)

Worst rank: Unranked (not included in 6 Mock Drafts)

Caleb Love

Bob Donan – USA TODAY Sports

(North Carolina: Guards, Jr., 6-3)

Previous overall standings: 28 (-20)

Best Overall Placement: 34 (NBA Draft.net)

Worst overall ranking: Unranked (not included in 4 Mock Drafts)

Emoni Bates

Mitchell Leighton – Getty Images

(East Michigan: Wing, Sophomore, 6-9)

Previous overall standings: 30 (-19)

Best Overall Placement: 29 (Yahoo)

Worst overall ranking: Unranked (not included in 3 mock drafts)

Matthew Murrell

Petre Thomas-USA TODAYSports

(Ole Miss: Guard, Junior, 6-4)

Previous overall standings: 74 (+16)

Best Overall Placement: 40 (Sports Illustrated)

Worst overall ranking: Unranked (not included in 5 Mock Drafts)

Adam Flagler

Chris Jones-USA TODAY Sports

(Baylor: Guard, Sr., 6-3)

Previous overall standings: 72 (+12)

Best Overall Placement: 32 (NBA Draft.net)

Worst overall ranking: Unranked (not included in 6 Mock Drafts)

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