This Seahawks-Giants trade for Russell Wilson could actually work

This Seahawks-Giants trade for Russell Wilson could actually work

QB Russell Wilson.

Seahawks Get.

Giants Get.

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. (Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports).
This Seahawks-Saints trade for Russell Wilson could really work by Ethan Lee.
With Russell Wilson supposedly happy to waive his no-trade provision to go to the Giants, New York could put their draft capital to work in a trade.
The Russell Wilson trade speculation isnt dying down at all thanks to a brand-new report suggesting the Seahawks quarterback is ready to waive his no-trade provision for 3 teams.
According to Jordan Schultz, Wilson is considering the Broncos, Saints and Giants as prospective trade locations as he continues to clash with the Seattle brass.
What would it take for New York to bring the Super-Bowl-winning quarterback to the Big Apple?
Russell Wilson trade: Giants have first-round choices to lure Seahawks.

2022 First-Round Pick.

2022 First-Round Pick (by means of Bears).

2023 First-Round Pick.

Thanks to the Bears desire to move up in the 2021 draft for Justin Fields, the Giants have a bundle of first-round draft chooses to work with. Heading into Week 14, they hold the No. 6 and 7 choices in the 2022 NFL Draft.
No other group can offer that level of immediate draft capital to the Seahawks.
New york city could likewise sweeten the pot with Daniel Jones, who was a first-round choice himself. While the jury is out on Jones, hes still a young quarterback who showed genuine guarantee as a novice.
Theres no concern the Giants could make a deal occur if Seattle gives up on keeping Wilson in place. The huge dispute will be over whether New York must quit those choices for Wilson when their roster isnt set up to complete for a Super Bowl at this stage.
Those choices could be utilized to buy the offensive line and other positions of requirement.
Still, the temptation to make that type of splash at quarterback will remain huge so long as the Giants are being mentioned in the very same breath as Wilson.