Every movie reference, cameo and easter egg in ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’

Every movie reference, cameo and easter egg in ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’

When LeBron is assembling his perfect group, he says that Iron Giant would be a monster on the boards.
The Iron Giant is among the characters in a mad dash to get a seat for the huge video game.

Pennywise is in the crowd at LeBrons huge video game.
The Jetsons.
George Jetson and the household are in the crowd of characters hurrying to see the huge game.
King Kong.
King King, particularly Peter Jacksons variation, is among the crowd hurrying to see the big video game.
Mad Max.
Roadrunner is speeding along with Immortan Joes caravan with Coyote pursuing him as one of the War Boys.
The Mask.
Stanley Ipkiss remains in the crowd at LeBrons big game.
The Matrix.

You can see Lion-O in the crowd of characters hurrying to see the big game between LeBron and his child.
Training Day.
During the last quarter of the big game, Al-G shouts Denzel Washingtons renowned line, King Kong aint got sh– on me” prior to maxing out his credit to create what he believes is an unbeatable character.
Wizard of Oz.
The flying monkeys are in the crowd at LeBrons game.
Wonder Woman.
Lola Bunny performs the Amazonian trials for Diana Prince while the guitar riff from Wonder Woman theme plays.
Yogi Bear.
Yogi and Boo are in the crowd of characters running to see the big game.


LeBron wants to recruit Superman for his superteam, who he states he might have truly used in Cleveland.
Bugs and LeBron land in Metropolis on DC World” in search of Superman and don the outfits of Batman and Robin, respectively. There they find Daffy Duck impersonated Superman and Porky Pig dressed as Jimmy Olsen.

Back to the Future.
After Damian Lillards character, Chronos, freezes time to score a basket, the scoreboard includes a license plate that reads: Back to the Bucket.

When Al-G Rhythm is giving his pitch to LeBron, he posits what it would resemble to have him battle Batman.
The Adam West Batman theme plays as Bugs, Daffy, LeBron and Porky try to save a train loaded with children.
Penguin, the 1960s TELEVISION version and Tim Burtons version, is in the crowd at LeBrons big game.
Both the 60s TELEVISION and 1992 movie versions of Catwoman are in the crowd during the huge video game at the end.
The Joker, the Cesar Romero and Joaquin Phoenix versions, remain in the crowd at LeBrons big video game.
The 1960s version of Robin is in the crowd at the huge game.

Star Trek.
When Bugs Bunny is flying through the Server-Verse in Marvin Martians spaceship, he impersonates Captain Kirk, offering the whole captains log spiel from the bridge.

When Bugs and LeBron are looking for other Loony Toons characters, its revealed that Yosemite Sam is the Humphrey Bogart character.

In Al-Gs presentation, he pitches LeBron and the Chamber of Secrets as an animated LeBron flies through the air on a Quidditch broom while wearing Quidditch bathrobes.
While Bugs and LeBron fly through the Server-Verse, they pass Harry Potter World, with LeBron exclaiming hes a Hufflepuff.
Voldemort remains in presence at the huge game at the end, specifically on the bad guy side.

The Nun.
The Nun is included really prominently in the crowd throughout LeBrons huge game at the end.
Rick and Morty.
Rick and Morty send Tazmanian Devil back to the Loony Toons due to the fact that “the badger things condition is irreparable”.
As the crowd assembles to see the big video game, the Mystery Machine is seen smashing through buildings..
Space Ghost.
Area Ghost is flying above the huge game at the climax, voluntarily providing himself nosebleed seats.
Space Jam.

The Flinstones.
The Flinstone family is amongst the crowd of characters hurrying to see the huge game.
Friday Night Lights.
When Michael B. Jordan is offering a halftime pep talk to the Toon Squad, he tells them “Clear eyes, complete hearts cant lose”.
Video game of Thrones.

The Immortals (the guys with the insane masks that get crushed by a wall of bodies) remain in the crowd at the big video game at the end.
A Clockwork Orange.
Droogs, along with other gangs from London, are in the crowd throughout the huge video game at the end.
In a scene where Warner Bros characters hurry through Toon Town to get to the arena to view the huge game between LeBron and his boy, the Animaniacs remain in the crowd.
Austin Powers.

The scene where Mini-Me is exposed in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me is used, other than its exposed that Mini-Me is Elmer Fudd.
Likewise, Sylvester is Mr. Bigglesworth, Dr. Evils naked cat.

The Gremlins remain in the crowd of characters hurrying to the game, and get a pretty insane closeup.
Harry Potter.

As LeBron falls into the Server-Verse, we hear an overdub of Humphrey Bogarts infamous line, Heres taking a look at you, kid from Casablanca.

Trinity is written down as one of the ideal gamers LeBron wishes to recruit for his superteam.
Granny replaces Trinity in the opening scene from The Matrix where she carries out the well-known Bullet Time slow-motion kick.
Fast Gonzalez evades bullets utilizing Bullet Time.
Agents are seen on the bad guys side of the crowd throughout LeBrons big video game.

Im going to be really sincere with you all, Space Jam: A New Legacy is not a great movie. Its very bad. The first 15 minutes is one of the roughest stretches of film ever printed and launched by a major studio. Area Jam, nevertheless, was also not a especially sophisticated or sensational piece of cinema, so lets stop pretending it was The Godfather when talking about how it compares to its sequel.
Area Jam 2 is a far cry from The Godfather Part II, but its likewise not trying to be more than the amount of its parts– which are actually quite intriguing.
The motion picture focuses on the concept that content production is algorithmic and weve been lowered to meaningless drones who happily be spoon-fed empty-calorie nostalgia. Theres a really fascinating, if not incredibly smart, film someplace within Space Jam 2 but it takes its property and uses it not as a biting satirical commentary on imagination and instead utilizes it as a reason to cosplay Loony Toons in Warner Bros owned IP like The Matrix and Batman.
It is what it is, which doesnt have to be a bad thing.
Part of the happiness of enjoying Space Jam 2 the very first time is to see just how ridiculously the Loony Toons characters are going to be forced into universes you never ever expected them to be in. Coyote as a War Boy in Mad Max, or Elmer Fudd as Mini-Me in Austin Powers is just the idea of the iceberg.
Area Jam 2 is not a considerable masterpiece or a popular culture artifact that needs preserving. The very concept of a Space Jam sequel, nevertheless, was to buy a ticket to be a traveler in your own youth. Area Jam 2 really unapologetically leans all the way into that and offers everyone their cashs worth.
Area Jam 2 cameos and easter eggs.
Heres every film referenced in Space Jam: A New Legacy and how it happened:.


In Al-Gs pitch to LeBron, he provides LeBron as resting on the Iron Throne.
As Bugs and LeBron fly their spaceship through the Sever-Verse, they fly past Game Of Thrones World where Foghorn Leghorn– dressed as Daenerys Targaryen– chases them away on a dragon exclaiming “Winter, I state, Winter is Coming”.
The Night King remains in the crowd at LeBrons big video game.

Im going to be very honest with you all, Space Jam: A New Legacy is not a great film. Its very bad. The very concept of a Space Jam follow up, however, was to purchase a ticket to be a traveler in your own youth.

As LeBron fails the Warner 3000 Server-Verse filled with IP planets (worlds consisting of deep spaces of different motion pictures) one of the worlds he fails is The Matrix..

Theres a Michael Jordan Space Jam poster in the Warner 3000 Server-Verse Bugs states LeBrons strategy to hire animation characters because he requires to win a basketball video game to get away the Sever-Verse “sounds beautiful familiar”.
Lola Bunny blows off Bugs asking her how often she gets to have fun with an NBA super star by saying “been there”.
At halftime of the big game at the end, Sylvester exclaims he found Michael Jordan to help lead a resurgence win. When its revealed to be Michael B. Jordan, Sylvester states “its been 25 years, I thought he aged gracefully”.

LONDON, ENGLAND – JULY 06: A view of the “Space Jam” statue, which includes Bugs Bunny, during its unveiling at Leicester Square on July 06, 2021 in London, England. (Photo by Joe Maher/Getty Images).
Did Bugs Bunny pass away in Space Jam 2? by Josh Hill.
Area Jam: A New Legacy, likewise referred to as Space Jam 2, jam loads simply about each and every single film ever made into its story with one referral or another. Here is every single one..
After over two decades of waiting, a Space Jam follow up was lastly released into the world. How well it will endure and age is yet to be seen, although the preliminary reviews appear to suggest its dead on arrival.

Iron Giant.