Zack Greinke has hilarious reaction to terrible CB Bucknor strike call (Video)

Zack Greinke has hilarious reaction to terrible CB Bucknor strike call (Video)

Astros pitcher Zack Greinke. (Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports).
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Houston Astros pitcher Zack Greinke was all in favor of this awful strike call from home base umpire CB Bucknor in the very first inning against the Orioles.
Zack Greinkes Astros are in very first location in the AL West by 1.5 video games, and they want to add to that tally on Wednesday night.
Garcia eventually quit 4 runs in 4 innings while strolling three and setting out 5. The first inning was a nightmare, thanks in part to Bucknors questionable calls. All of Garcias strolls and runs were yielded because frame. All 3 strolled batters scored.
The Orioles are sitting at the bottom of the AL East standings, but they have had the Astros number up until now in the series. Baltimore won the very first meeting 9-7 while taking the 2nd conference 13-3.

Hey, @PitchingNinja! Given that MLB seems alright making transformations right in the middle of the season, lets just fire up the robotics today!.
Taken pitches thrown by Luis GarcĂ­a tonight in the very first three innings as called by CB Bucknor …
— Codify, Inc. (@CodifyBaseball) July 1, 2021.

Houston has actually lost 3 in a row and 4 of the last five. The group is trying to return on track, however that very first inning barrage certainty didnt help their hopes of doing that.

It shouldnt take a guessing video game to decide if a ball is a strike and a ball is a strike.
Garcia eventually offered up four runs in four innings while walking 3 and striking out 5. The first inning was a headache, thanks in part to Bucknors doubtful calls. All of Garcias runs and walks were conceded in that frame. All three strolled batters scored.

If their pitchers knew what to expect from CB Bucknors strike zone, it would help.
The home plate umpire made numerous questionable ball hires the very first inning, Greinke sarcastically applauded Bucknor for lastly calling a strike, even if it was miles outside.

You can hardly blame him. Of all the strikes Bucknor could have called, that one wasnt close.
Zack Greinke sarcastically cheered CB Bucknors dreadful strike call.
As a professional athlete, all you can request for from authorities is consistency. Use the exact same guidelines interpretation to both sides and keep things foreseeable. It shouldnt take a thinking video game to choose if a ball is a strike and a ball is a strike.
Bucknor is the opposite of constant. His strike zone for Astros pitcher Luis Garcia was incomprehensible.