Miles Teller got jumped in a bathroom while he was in Hawaii with Aaron Rodgers

Miles Teller got jumped in a bathroom while he was in Hawaii with Aaron Rodgers

Either he let a brand-new deal between Rodgers and the Packers slip prior to he was expected to or he was trolling Green Bay fans. The fact that the tweet hasnt been removed suggests the latter description is far more most likely.

Actor Miles Teller was jumped while out with Packers QB Aaron Rodgers. (Corey Perrine/Getty Images).
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Star Miles Teller says he got jumped in a restroom while hanging out with Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and future husband Shailene Woodley in Hawaii.
Aaron Rodgers has actually had a wild year.

I got leapt by two men in a restroom. Never ever met them before in my life but ya cool battling segue bud.
— Miles Teller (@Miles_Teller) May 29, 2021.

The Packers quarterback has actually publically feuded with the Green Bay company while looking for a trade. Now hes surrounding to a wild story out of Hawaii.
Rodgers has actually spent the last week vacationing with his fiance Shailene Woodley, her The Spectacular Now and Divergent co-star Miles Teller and his other half.
It ends up there was a bit of drama when Teller was leapt in a restroom.
When the actor got jumped however not there when he was jumped, Aaron Rodgers was with Miles Teller in Hawaii.
TMZ declared the man who punched Teller was a wedding event planner who declared he had not been paid for services owed from 2019.
When former NFL kicker Pat McAfee made a joke about Teller getting jumped, the football connections to the tale deepened in an unanticipated method. The actor disputed TMZs reporting by saying he was jumped by two men he had actually never ever fulfilled.

Per TMZ, police validated the occurrence taken place on Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. regional time and they are investigating. It doesnt appear like Rodgers had any involvement besides costs time with Teller and his better half throughout the week.
Tellers spouse posted a photo on Instagram of the two couples hanging out at a waterfall the day of the event.

Teller went on to cause a stir on Thursday when he posted a photo to Twitter with a caption, “Cheers to signing with the Packers.”.