5 ways the WWE can make Monday Night RAW exciting again

5 ways the WWE can make Monday Night RAW exciting again

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The WWE plainly treats Smackdown as their “A” reveal these days, however that does not indicate RAW cant be simply as entertaining. The great news for WWE is that the business doesn’t need to enact any significant overhauls to improve the item on Monday night. WWE officials require to pay close attention to the following offer recommendations if they desire to get RAW going again. Her upcoming fight with Charlotte Flair will give WWE authors a golden opportunity to give her character more depth.

The WWE plainly deals with Smackdown as their “A” reveal nowadays, however that doesn’t suggest RAW cant be just as entertaining. Vince McMahon and the business brain trust need to stop ignoring their former flagship program. Monday Night RAW needs to be repaired immediately prior to audiences ignore for excellent.

The bright side for WWE is that the company doesn’t need to enact any major overhauls to enhance the product on Monday night. The RAW roster still has lots of untapped talent. It can utilize a few essential additions but redeploying the ideal superstars in the right spot can fix many of the program’s ills.

WWE officials need to pay very close attention to the following give recommendations if they wish to get RAW going once again. Its time for Monday night to become as essential to the company as Friday nights. Without delay, here are five immediate moves the WWE can make to enhance the circumstance.

Make Rhea Ripley go after the title

Ripley has all the tools required to end up being one of the finest WWE Women’s Champions in business history. The problem is they rushed her journey to the top of the mountain on RAW. She just appeared, challenged Asuka, and defeated here at Wrestlemania to win the belt.
That did Ripleys character advancement a significant injustice. Fans do not have a clear understanding of what drives her beside a pursuit of gold. Her upcoming feud with Charlotte Flair will provide WWE writers a golden opportunity to offer her character more depth. Dropping the belt to Flair and chasing it for a couple of months could be the very best thing to occur for Ripley in the long term.

It’s time for the WWE and Vince McMahon to wake up and repair Monday Night RAW. Here are 5 simple ideas that can assist them to do simply that.