Clubhouses first sports deal lets you tune into NFL Draft Week

Its not a strictly one-way affair. Youll sometimes be invited to the “phase” to ask questions or share your responses to the draft.

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For Clubhouse, on the other hand, the NFL might play a crucial function as it slowly gets in the mainstream. Pacts like this could provide it high-profile exclusives that draw people to the service and provide you a factor to pick Clubhouse over competing offerings from the likes of Facebook and Twitter. Theres no warranty it will be successful, though– those rivals typically have existing sports relationships, not to mention deeper pockets.

The NFL is clearly carrying out an experiment provided the minimal audience. Clubhouse remains invite- and iPhone-only, with the Android app still weeks away. It would not be surprising to see the NFL expand its offer if this shows effective, though, as it might assist the league reach out to fans beyond the normal social media connections.

Clubhouse could soon work for far more than celebrity hangouts and tech market discussions. SocialMediaToday reports that Clubhouse has actually struck its very first significant sports league deal, providing users access to NFL Draft Week. Starting today (April 26th), you can sign up with a collection of authorities audio chat rooms to follow the live draft picks and listen to conversations with professional athletes, coaches and network luminaries.