Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady escalate rivalry by engaging in some spicy Twitter trash talk

Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady escalate rivalry by engaging in some spicy Twitter trash talk

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady (12) welcomes Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes (15) after Super Bowl LV at Raymond James Stadium. Mandatory Credit: James Lang-USA TODAY Sports
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The rivalry between Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes is simply getting begun.
Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes lobbed some friendly garbage talk toward one another through Twitter for some hot drama on Tuesday afternoon.

Mahomes estimated Bradys tweet by stating, “I think we will see in 20 years …”.
Both the Mahomes tweet and the Brady tweet are already sky-rocketing with thousands and thousands of retweets and several hundred replies under both. Both quarterbacks are about to be trending any 2nd now and we have some front-page NFL news with the two best quarterbacks taking their competition to new heights.

This is simply some terrific fun and there is no hate or public displeasure in either of these tweets. Both Mahomes and Brady have immense respect for one another however its Brady who has bragging rights in the meantime.
Maybe well see a Super Bowl rematch next February and the next chapter in this great competition will have a brand-new undisputed champ on the Twitter streets.

It all started when Brady quote-tweeted the Kansas City Royals who shared a video of catcher Sal Perez sporting a Brady jersey while saying “Patrick Mahomes is the very best.”
Perez lost a bet with the Tampa Bay Rays over the Super Bowl, which was won by Bradys Buccaneers over Mahomes Chiefs. Perez needed to wear a Brady jersey as part of losing the bet, but the Royals captioned the video by stating, “Sometimes words speak louder than actions.”
Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes intensify rivalry with Twitter garbage talk

Brady, among the very best follows on Twitter despite your fandom, couldnt let this chance pass him by. Brady quoted the Royals tweet with, “Nahhh I think actions always speak louder than words.”
We have the makings of a Twitter fight on our hands. Mahomes signing up with the conversation took things to a whole brand-new level.