Who will 49ers pick in 2021 NFL Draft? Mac Jones vs. Trey Lance vs. Justin Fields

Who will 49ers pick in 2021 NFL Draft? Mac Jones vs. Trey Lance vs. Justin Fields

Theres little concern Jones, that will be 23 in September, can begin quickly for San Francisco, enabling it to save large cap money on Garoppolo by ways of a later trade or launch. He does not use a running aspect, however hes athletic sufficient to purchase time in addition to perform Shanahans death game.

That QB likewise perhaps will not be BYUs Zach Wilson. That is unless Shanahan got in information from his previous protective organizer Robert Saleh as well as previous passing video game planner Mike LaFleur, now the head train and offending organizer of the No. 2-picking Jets, acknowledging they will certainly hand down the placement. Its still an excellent bet Wilsons advantage is too costly to neglect for New York vs. sticking with Sam Darnold.

Location turned 22 in March, right in between the ages of Jones in addition to Lance. As two-year highly regarded starter, he can match the 49ers being linked into the llineup as quickly as possible or they may select to be a bit more patient with him.

Trey Lance

San Francisco in the meantime has no strategies to trade incumbent starter Jimmy Garoppolo, nevertheless the team has every intention of changing him with a more youthful, higher-ceiling QB soon. As they should, Lynch and Shanahan didnt tip their hands on which top-five preliminary rounder they are targeting to do well Garoppolo on April 29.

Mac Jones

Jones does have a high flooring as a QB that optimizes his support group. The big concern around Jones is whether there are physical restrictions to make him the supreme “dependent” QB, requiring whatever well in position around him. The 49ers may be OK keeping that, because that held real for Shanahan with Cousins and Ryan, and also theres depend on Lynch will not let the line and also capability placements wind up being weak.

If the Falcons can think of altering Ryan with Lance, then reasoning would definitely specify the 49ers catching for Lance over Garoppolo is a comparable upgrade method of thinking.

When the 49ers aggressively traded up with the Dolphins to get the No. 3 general pick in the 2021 NFL Draft recently, it was to take a leading quarterback possibility. After some initial guesswork on whether that held true, fundamental supervisor John Lynch and offensive-minded train Kyle Shanahan all however confirmed that on Monday.

In the argument of Jones vs. Lance, Area drops someplace in the center. Hes got the big-program polish and also College Football Playoff success of Jones. Hes acquired the arm and athleticism advantage of Lance. He might offer the 49ers the finest of both worlds in attempting to alter Garoppolo.

The 49ers have in fact liked Jones for a while. The 49ers might be OKAY keeping that, since that held true for Shanahan with Cousins and Ryan, and also theres depend on Lynch wont let the line and likewise capability placements end up being weak.

The 49ers did win an NFC championship with Garoppolo, however there was a sensation they have really left a lot on the table in concerns to their upseting possibility. Garoppolos longevity concerns likewise are worrying.

That QB wont be Clemsons Trevor Lawrence. Urban Meyer in addition to the Jaguars are locked into him at No. 1.

Jones might not have the unique potential for which a group generally trades up, nevertheless he may be worth to the 49ers due to the reality that they know they can get among the most out of him.

He may provide the 49ers the best of both worlds in attempting to change Garoppolo.

He sees the location well and walks around well to believe he also might grow in the 49ers violation.

With all 3 QBs for the 49er, there are all pros, and primarily no drawbacks involved with their huge decision, thanks to Shanahans offense. When they mention theyre not sure which QB they wish to take at No. 3, every person ought to completely think them, in the meantime. There are myriad components to consider, consisting of which QB would certainly harmonize personality-wise with Shanahan in addition to offer the best young leadership high qualities for a skilled group.

The 49ers have actually liked Jones for a while. Shanahan has in fact taken personal passion in his pre-draft workouts. He fits the account of QBs hes liked in his QB-friendly system in the past, Kirk Cousins in Washington along with 2016 NFL MVP Matt Ryan in Atlanta. Jones is a refined, poised pocket passer, capable of hanging and likewise dispersing the round with self-confidence to different weapons.

That whittles it down to the trio of Alabamas Mac Jones, North Dakota States Trey Lance and Ohio States Justin Fields as the 49ers choice. The fashionable sensation from numerous inside the NFL is the selection will be Jones, yet simply as many think Lance or Area will definitely land in San Francisco.

Thats what makes checking out the 49ers so tough. Their offense is geared to any passer whos quick and exact in his ability to get the ball to their playmakers. When things arent there downfield and also providing defenses something more to think about against an already prolific hurrying attack, Lance adds the additional measurement of having the capability to get rid of and run.

The 49ers have a solid upseting line, dynamic weapons (George Kitte, Deebo Samuel, Brandon Aiyuk) as well as the stability of an effective running game in location to win big when again now with Jones. Jones has the championship-winning pedigree from Alabama, much like the one Garoppolo carried with him from the Patriots, which settled in a Super Bowl 54 run.

Justin Fields

Whoever San Francisco selects to take at No. 3, it was a conclusive transfer to make certain it gets the beginner QB it desires vs. hoping one would definitely be up to No. 12. Thats an excellent problem to have.

If the 49ers are not hurrying to move Garoppolo and also technique utilize him as a well above-average bridge for 2021, then Lance would certainly acquire a season to develop in addition to absorb whatever under Shanahan before setting up for a possible Patrick Mahomes-like Year 2 surge. Or, the 49ers might just want to see what Lance can do being let loose in a system that will certainly help him find out well on the fly.

Lance in addition directed his university group to a champion game. Yet he changes only 21 in May along with started just one period for North Dakota State. That stated, hes got a jaw-dropping arm and athleticism to match That mix can turn him into a crackling dual danger in the NFL with some improvement in a fantastic angering system.

Shanahan has had the normal passers prior to and may see a chance to invite a numerous style of treasured student to increase his playbook. Its no secret the No. 4-picking Falcons have really been enamored with Lance, and it would certainly make great sense that Lynch pressed to No. 3 understanding that was the only means to make certain acquiring him. If the Falcons can believe of altering Ryan with Lance, then thinking would definitely state the 49ers recording for Lance over Garoppolo is a comparable upgrade method of thinking.

Shanahan and likewise Lynch might see the enjoyable spot in between floor and also ceiling with Area. He sees the area well and walks well to think he also might grow in the 49ers offense. While at Ohio State, Area handled a good deal of pro-tailored zone running and likewise quick-pass ideas.