Now Live – $50K Playoffs Pick Em’ Contest

Now Live – $50K Playoffs Pick Em’ Contest

Basically, you will choose the side and total for each NFL playoff game weekly. At the end of the playoffs, the top picker gets $10,000 cold hard cash.

Just think, if you have a bit of luck in the next numerous weeks, youll have the ability to pocket 10 grand. Thats the concept behind the NFL playoffs content at BetOnline.

Even if you dont come in first you can be in the money. Thats because they are paying out the leading 150 finishers. You can see the prize amounts listed below.

Entry into this contest is just $20. The overalls and lines are currently posted inside the contest location.

January 4, 2021

How to Join Contest

Deposit cash
Navigate to “Contests” location utilizing the primary Nav
Click Enter on the $50K Playoff Contest
Thats it! Best of luck!

Payout Amounts

Register at


1st Place:
$ 10,000.

2nd Place:.
$ 5,000.

3rd Place:.
$ 3,000.

Fourth Place:.
$ 2,500.

5th Place:.
$ 2,000.

6th Place:.
$ 1,500.

7th Place:.
$ 1,250.

8th Place:.
$ 1,000.

9th Place:.
$ 750.

10th Place:.
$ 500.

11th– 15th Place:.
$ 400.

16st– 20th Place:.
$ 350.

21st– 30th Place:.
$ 300.

31st– 40th Place:.
$ 250.

41st– 50th Place:.
$ 200.

51st– 75th Place:.
$ 150.

76th– 150th Place:.
$ 100

Candidates need to select, versus the spread (ATS) and overall, for each NFL Playoff game.
The odds are figured out by the existing odds available in the BetOnline Sportsbook.
Contest picks can just be made online. You can not make choices by means of email, chat or phone.
When a choice is made, the choice conserves immediately with the chances offered at the time of selection.
Entrants might submit and/or change choices at whenever until the defined start time of each video game. At the specified start time, games are no longer offered for selection and any choices involving that game can not be changed.
They will just be able to re-pick that group with chances offered at the time the team is re-selected if entrant changes or eliminates a pick.
Candidates can not select the same side two times or select both sides of the same video game on a single entry.
Participants make one (1) point for every single correct pick and a half-point (0.5) for a push.
Candidates who send less than 5 picks only get points for selected video games. Entrants who do not send selections will not receive points.
Each week, the contest will re-open no later on than Tuesday afternoon. At this time, you will have the ability to make your selection( s) for the weeks upcoming games.
The game needs to be played by Tuesday of the following week in order to earn points in the contest standings if a game is canceled and/or delayed.
The NFL Playoffs should be played in their whole for this contest to be considered legitimate. If the playoffs are cancelled at any point, the BetOnline NFL Playoff Pick em contest will be cancelled and all entry charges will be refunded.
BetOnline books the right to customize the guidelines of this contest without notice

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Even if you do not come in very first you can be in the cash. Entry into this contest is just $20. And you can get a 2nd entry for simply $10. The limit is 2 entries per consumer. The lines and totals are currently posted inside the contest location.




BetOnlines $50,000 NFL Playoff Pick em Contest is a handicapping contest that goes through the NFL Postseason.
Registration opens on Monday, Dec. 28, 2020 and closes on Saturday, Jan. 9, 2021 at 1pm (ET).
Candidates must have a valid BetOnline account to register for the NFL Playoff Pick em Contest.
Participants can participate in the contest by purchasing a minimum of one entry.
Participants can enter a maximum of 2 times. The very first entry expenses $20, the 2nd entry is just $10.
Entry purchases will be deducted from your BetOnline Sportsbook balance.
If you do not purchase 2 entries, you can come back and buy a 2nd entry at any time up until the deadline– Saturday, Jan. 9, 2021 at 1pm (ET).
Registration for the contest is only readily available online. You can not sign up via chat, phone or email.
All sales are final. There are no refunds.

How to Play.

Below you can discover some of the fine print copied from the contest page:.