Shaq Takes Shot at Dwight Howard for Speech After Lakers’ Title Win

Shaq Takes Shot at Dwight Howard for Speech After Lakers’ Title Win

Former Los Angeles Lakers substantial man Shaquille O’Neal has in fact been important of existing Lakers center Dwight Howard and after winning the title with the 2020 Lakers, Howard might have distressed” The Big Diesel” as soon as again.

Following their Game 6 win, Howard went to Instagram live to deliver a speech on never ever offering up on your dreams.

O’Neal called Howard a “frontrunner” and a “bandwagon jumper,” which was light things compared to other things Shaq said.

He likewise told Howard to “sit your ass down” while stating Howard did “absolutely nothing” throughout the NBA Finals.

Shaq goes off on Dwight Howard and calls him a front runner” Post one image and sit yo ass down … Shut yo ass up.” He was, nevertheless, mindful to not talk about Howard by name, but he did mock the” follow your dreams “part of the speech.

In years past, Shaq has really been crucial of Howard, assaulting his attitude and Howard taking legal action against Shaq’s nickname” Superman.” The Diesel has in fact also expressed discontentment over Howards failure to recognize his total potential.

He even chuckled at Howard for getting a tribute video from the Atlanta Hawks.

Of course, Howard has really been singing about the criticism and he has in fact even informed O’Neal to move on more than once.

Shaq has in fact always informed Howard to go win a ring, and it seems now that Dwight Howard has actually earned his ring Shaq is not rather all set to stop slamming the future Hall of Famer.