Important College Football and NFL Trends

Important College Football and NFL Trends

September 18, 2020

In this post I will discuss a few trends that might help shape your weekend wagers.

Week 2 NFL and week 2 (or 3– Im uncertain any longer) of college football will take place this weekend. As sports bettors, we are constantly trying to find any trends, suggestions or tips that will guide us to make smarter picks.

Jason Logan (@CoversJLo on Twitter) posted an interesting set of patterns for the NFL:

According to this formula, the teams to look for week 2 of the NFL for 2020 are Indianapolis -3, Jacksonville +8, San Francisco -7 & & Arizona -7.

Because 2006, groups that lost directly as favorites of -6 or more in week 1 are 7-4-1 against the spread in week 2.
Teams that won directly as underdogs of +6 or more on week 1 are 8-2-2 against the spread the following in week 2.

Handicapper Marc Lawrence (@MarcLawrence on Twitter) posted the list below trend:

Military colleges that score 3 or less points in a game have actually recuperated to go 16-2 ATS away in their next contest given that 1982. This trend is specifically pointing to Navy, who lost to BYU 55-3 in their last video game. They are playing at Tulane tomorrow and are 7 point canines at

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