A piece of NFL history is officially up for auction. An autographed, game-worn Colin Kaepernick jersey from the 2013 NFC Division Playoffs match between the San Francisco 49ers and the Green Bay Packers.

Heritage Auctions sells the 49ers jersey worn by Kaepernick for a starting price of US$10,000. According to reports, the jersey is expected to fetch up to US$40,000, if not more.

Although his time in the NFL was brief, his legacy remains. Kaepernick said he was a key player for the 49ers, leading the team to the Super Bowl for the first time since his 1994 season. This game was a defining moment in his career as he led the team to a 45-31 win against the Packers. His personal stats alone are worth mentioning. In his 263 yards he finished 17/31, scoring two touchdowns and making one interception, all the while he ran for 181 yards and on 16 carries he had two touches. recorded down. Although he hasn’t signed with his NFL team since leaving his 49ers in 2016, he still trains hard and fights for what he believes in.

Fans interested in owning a piece of 49ers history can check into Heritage Auctions and bid on the jersey until February 25th.

In other sports news, LeBron James’ Miami Heat 2013 NBA Championship Game 7 jersey recently auctioned for $3.7 million.


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