AI Betting Models Analyze UC Riverside vs. Washington State: Can the Cougars Cover the Spread?

College basketball fans are gearing up for another exciting night of action, and one of the most intriguing matchups on the slate is the battle between UC Riverside and Washington State. The Cougars are currently favored by 13.5 points, but can they cover the spread?

To help us answer that question, we’ve enlisted the help of five of the most successful AI betting models in the game: TeamRankings, KenPom, Massey Ratings, Bart Torvik, and ESPN BPI. Let’s dive into their predictions and take a closer look at the factors that might influence the outcome.

AI Models Weigh in:

  • TeamRankings: Projects a score of 78-62 in favor of Washington State, with a spread prediction of -16 and an over/under of 139.
  • KenPom: Sees a similar outcome, with Washington State winning 80-62. Their spread prediction is -18, and the over/under sits at 143.
  • Massey Ratings: Predicts a close contest but still favors Washington State, 79-61. Their spread prediction is -18, and the over/under is 140.
  • Bart Torvik: Goes with a slightly different scoreline, predicting a 81-62 victory for the Cougars. Their spread prediction is -19, and the over/under is 143.
  • ESPN BPI: Also projects a 19-point win for Washington State, with a final score of 80-61. Their over/under is 141.

Trends and Coaching:

Looking beyond the numbers, we also need to consider the recent trends and coaching situations for both teams.

  • Washington State boasts a strong 6-1 record overall, while UC Riverside stands at 4-5.
  • However, the Cougars haven’t been covering the spread consistently, going 2-4 in their first seven games. UC Riverside sits at 3-3 against the spread.
  • Interestingly, five out of Washington State’s games have gone over the total, while only three of UC Riverside’s have followed suit.
  • Kyle Smith is in his third year as head coach for Washington State, holding a career record of 124-104.
  • Mike Magpayo has been at the helm for UC Riverside for five seasons, accumulating a career record of 62-77.

Injury Report:

As of now, there aren’t any reported key injuries for either team, which should give both sides a chance to field their best players.

Final Score Prediction:

After analyzing the AI models, trends, and coaching situations, my final score prediction is Washington State 79, UC Riverside 63. This falls within the range predicted by most AI models and seems likely given the current circumstances.

Betting Recommendation:

Based on the analysis, I believe betting on Washington State to cover the spread (-13.5) is a smart move. The majority of AI models and the overall trends suggest that the Cougars are poised for a comfortable victory.


Remember, this analysis is for informational purposes only and should not be considered financial advice. Always conduct your own research and make informed decisions based on your personal risk tolerance and financial situation.

Beyond the Prediction:

While the AI models and analysis offer valuable insights, it’s important to remember that basketball is a game of unexpected twists and turns. Injuries, individual performances, and even a lucky bounce can significantly impact the outcome.

For die-hard fans, understanding the predictions and analysis can deepen their enjoyment of the game and provide a framework for evaluating their own judgment. But ultimately, the beauty of sports lies in the uncertainty and excitement of witnessing the unpredictable unfold on the court.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the game! Hopefully, the AI models are accurate, and we’ll be witness to another thrilling chapter in the world of college basketball.

FINAL PICK – Take the Washington State Cougars -13.5 **WINNER**

Published by Keith "KC" Carrion

Keith Carrion aka "KC" has been in the game for over 10 years now successfully handicapping NFL, NBA, College football and College basketball games with consistent and documented success. If you just want good, honest, down to earth analysis with level headed prediction (aided now with AI) then you have come to the right guy.