Date: Tuesday, Dec. 5

Time: 10:00 PM ET

Arena: Golden 1 Center, Sacramento


What’s at stake: Winner advances to the NBA In-Season Tournament Semifinals.

The NBA In-Season Tournament is heating up, and the New Orleans Pelicans and Sacramento Kings are set to battle it out in a quarterfinal showdown on December 5th. With a trip to the Vegas semifinals and a hefty prize pool on the line, this game promises fireworks on the court and a chance to cash in for savvy bettors. But who should you put your money on? Buckle up, because we’re about to break it down.

Pelicans Soaring with Zion’s Might:

New Orleans is no joke. They boast their formidable defense, fueled by the force of Zion Williamson. Ingram and McCollum add firepower with their consistent scoring, and they’ve shown they can turn it up when it matters most.

Kings: Home Court Heat and Fox’s Fury:

Don’t underestimate the Kings in their own Golden 1 Center. De’Aaron Fox is a human highlight machine himself, averaging 30.3 points and 6.6 assists, and he orchestrates a Sacramento offense that’s 7th in the league in scoring. Sabonis is a monster in the paint, grabbing 11.8 rebounds per game and providing a reliable inside presence. Their fast-paced attack can overwhelm even the best defenses.

The Intriguing Matchups:

Zion vs. Sabonis: This is heavyweight heaven. Zion’s raw power versus Sabonis’s brick wall physique. Zion might blow past him with the speed of a comet, but Sabonis’s rebounding instincts could turn Zion’s second chances into his own.

Three-Point Showdown: Both teams have snipers ready to launch from deep. Pelicans have marksmen like Ingram and McCollum, but don’t forget the Kings’ spacing and Fox’s ability to find open teammates like he has eyes in the back of his head. This could be a three-point shootout for the ages.

Fatigue Factor: The Pelicans have been logging more miles lately. Their legs might be a tad heavy, giving the well-rested Kings a slight edge in explosiveness. But don’t underestimate the Pels’ hunger. They’re desperate to prove they can be more than just an offensive spectacle.

So, who will reign supreme? Will the Pelicans’ fireworks outshine the Kings’ fast-break fury? Or will Sacramento’s depth prove the winning formula? This game is a tightrope walk between offensive brilliance and defensive grit. Prepare for a heart-stopping display of basketball artistry.

Injury Reports: Kings and Pelicans Battling the Bug, Nance Jr. and Ryan on the Mend?

As the Kings and Pelicans gear up for a pivotal matchup, the injury bug has been making its rounds in both camps. While the Kings are missing a key piece in Alex Len (ankle), Davion Mitchell’s potential absence due to illness adds another layer of uncertainty. Mitchell’s scoring and playmaking abilities are integral to the Kings’ offensive rhythm, and his absence could be a boon for the Pelicans’ defense.

Matt Ryan’s calf injury is a brutal blow to the Pelicans’ hopes, casting a long shadow over their offensive schemes. Larry Nance Jr.’s return might offer some relief in the frontcourt, but it feels like plugging a leaky dam with a Band-Aid.

Betting Bonanza:

So, who should you bet on? Here’s my take:

  • Spread: I’m leaning towards the Pelicans +4. Zion’s dominance and the Pelicans’ clutch play in recent games give them a slight edge. The Kings’ home-court advantage might not be enough to overcome their defensive struggles against New Orleans’ offensive firepower.
  • Total: I’m feeling under 235. Both teams have the potential to light it up, but the matchup’s fast pace and reliance on threes might be countered by some defensive adjustments in the second half, leading to a slightly lower final tally than expected.

Pick: Pelicans +4

O/U: Under 235