10 Blue Rock Players Who Don’t Like Real Football


blue rockReferences to real football by mentioning famous football stars and their unique “weapon” ability system propelled it into one of the most popular series. The character displays incredible feats of soccer skill and athleticism, but those same feats can sometimes be incredible. and is actually impossible.

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player of blue rock Known for pinpoint accuracy on every shot and a seemingly supernatural feel on the football field. This all makes for a very entertaining series, but it also highlights a lot of facts. blue rock‘s best players aren’t actually good at soccer.

Ten Jingo Lychee is too confrontational

blue rock ginger lychee

Episodes of Jingo Raich’s explosive rage tend to contribute to his ability on the field. blue rockin a real soccer match, he would most likely be kicked out of the game.

The only way Lychee can redeem himself is by learning to channel his anger productively. A sport oriented might suit his personality better.

9 Okuni Iemon should stick to what he is good at

Wife of Iemon from Blue Rock.

Okuhito is blue rock Because he is playing outside his position. He was usually a striker, but for Team Z he focused on playing as a goalkeeper.

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Although he did his best in his position and made some good saves, despite this, Okuhito was a rather poor goalkeeper. However, Okuhito was definitely out of his element at the goalkeeper position.

8 Barou’s talent is overshadowed by his selfish playstyle

Blue Rock Shoei Barlow

Burrow was arguably one of the most feared players Isagi had to face in his early years. blue rock Journey. Burrow is fast, strong and has exceptional ball skills, which makes him a great individual player. And he knows it.

Despite all his talent, Burrow’s selfish style of play doesn’t translate well in a real football match. blue rock It’s all about selfish strikers, but real soccer is definitely a team sport first, and players who think more about themselves than the team have responsibilities on the field.

7 Wanima Twins weapons don’t translate well to reality

Blue Rock's Junichi Wanima and Keisuke Wanima

The Wanima Twins were a real threat to Isagi and Team Z. Their unique ability to read each other’s thoughts without saying a word gave them an edge on defense, making them a force to be reckoned with.

Semi-telepathic communication is a great weapon, blue rock, this feature doesn’t really work well. In reality, psychics are hard to find, and good telepaths who also know how to play football are even rarer. In real life, Wanima his Twins are probably better mediums than midfielders.

6 Nagi has just started playing soccer recently.

Kiyoshiro Nagi from Blue Rock.

Nagi started playing soccer about six months ago, and didn’t take it seriously during that time. This sort of plot her device makes for an interesting backstory for anime, but it’s unlikely that someone with no football experience is likely good enough to join the Japanese national team.

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Nagi turns his work ethic around after meeting Isagi, and his efforts after realizing he actually likes soccer are commendable. We started the game a little too late to hopefully be.

Five Reo never had to work a day in his life

Leo Mikage from Blue Rock.

Like Nagi, Leo had just started playing soccer for half a year and hadn’t practiced until then. blue rock It’s already unrealistic, and it doesn’t help that he often beats Nagi.If Nagi isn’t even a great player in real life, it’s even less likely Leo will.

It’s not uncommon for a kid with everything like Leo to truly believe he can do something well without putting in any effort, but that’s only what happens on TV, not in reality. , Leo’s family was already very wealthy even before he dreamed of becoming a soccer star, so he doesn’t need the money.

Four Time light ability is too unstable

Blue Rock Tokimitsu's supernatural power

Tokimitsu’s style of play involves using his nervous tendencies to his advantage on the field. achieve the goals of

Something like this might be possible in real life, but to the extent that Tokimitsu uses it as a weapon blue rock Definitely unlikely. All great football geniuses need to stick to their goals more than others in order to be the best, but having an intense inner conflict in the middle of a match definitely seems to be the worst of all. am.

3 Yudai Imamura is not compatible with soccer

This is Imamura from Blue Rock.

Yudai Imamura’s biggest weapon is his speed and technique. At least, according to him. Unfortunately, much of that speed and technique is never actually shown in the series.

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But one aspect of Imamura’s game that shows up is his eagerness to compare football to women. Most women wouldn’t agree with his assessment, but it’s unlikely we’ll personally know if Imamura has the same kind of bad luck with women as soccer.

2 Alu is not as great as it seems

Aleu looking flashy in blue rock.

Long limbs and great reach certainly help in football, but simply having these attributes is not enough to be a good player.of blue rock However, Aryu can use it as a weapon to completely take over the game from her opponent.

Allue is arguably the most “charming” character on the field, but that doesn’t do much when it comes to winning games. Do not think.

1 isagi thinks too much

Yoichi Isaki from Blue Rock

As the protagonist of the series, Isagi had several traits that made him the best character in the series. often contain airy, borderline telepathic methods that don’t happen in real life.

While it’s possible to identify concepts that somewhat reflect those skills in real life, there’s definitely no supernatural quality that seems to give Isagi an edge in most matches. Even if you can smell the , Isagi’s lengthy internal dialogue that often occurs during play will give opponents plenty of time to steal the ball in real life.

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