Joel Bryant HSOT: RT @jjones9: Super Bowl LVII, between the Eagles and Chiefs, will feature two black starting quarterbacks for the first time in history.
— Sunday at 10:50 p.m.
Kyle Morton HSOT: RT @clark_calvert: I love you forever 42! I learned a lot from you, not only about the baseball field, but also about how to be young. you…
— 11:23 am
JMBpreps: RT @charchristiannc: Beloved CCS baseball coach Greg Simmons passed away after a battle with lung cancer and stepped into his forever home…
— Sunday at 8:10 am
Kyle Morton HSOT: Gibbons holds a 19-0 lead over Carey through four matches in a decision, two pins and a major decision.
— Sat 17:04
JMBpreps: RT @KaiFromWJG: Usually I don’t mind being late to the game, but I wish I hadn’t missed this cook session. Senior Bedingfield…
— Sat 10:40 am
JMBpreps: RT @KaiFromWJG: She also broke the record for 3-pointers made in the game and half. She hit 12 3s in the first half and was 12/13…
— Sat 10:40 am
High school OT: RT @JMBpreps: “Ask me anything” about basketball playoff predictions. @high school OT message board. Now, to solve the problem…
— Fri 11:16 am


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