🌱Boxing in Decatur, Mustafa Impressive Young Men + Family Deadly Fire

Hello everyone here at Decatur-Avondale Estate. I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year. I’m back with a new copy of the Decatur Avondale Estate Daily. It’s full of everything you need to know about what’s going on in town. today…

  • Decatur High School students agree that teachers should not use n-words, but feel they can
  • Mustafa’s boxing gym offers young men an alternative to street violence
  • Mother and daughter found dead in house

But first of all, today’s weather.

Morning mist area. High: 70 Low: 57.

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Here are today’s top stories from Decatur Avondale Estate.

  1. Students at Decatur High School agree that teachers cannot use the n word, but because they are “black,” they feel it is perfectly acceptable to do so. Disciplinary action has been taken against John Chesnut, a physics teacher who teaches at Decatur High School. Students expressed their outrage at a forum with the Beacon Hill Black Alliance for Human Rights held on December 21. A student in attendance was quoted as saying that “white” should not be used because the word “does not belong to white people.” (The College Fix)
  2. Mustafa’s Boxing Gym in Decatur offers young men an alternative to street violence as a way to solve problems. Young men are taught life skills and boxing and say being in the gym makes them feel like family. One of his boxers, 14-year-old Kevonta James, says Jim is his family. (WSB Atlanta)
  3. A mother and daughter were found dead in the house. According to the Troop County Fire Department, Firefighters found 80-year-old Elizabeth McDonald and her 58-year-old daughter “Libby” McDonald in their home after firefighters extinguished the blaze. Officials said the woman will undergo an autopsy at the headquarters of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation in Decatur. (WSB Atlanta)
  4. Decatur’s Leonard Thibadeau passed away on December 16th He was surrounded by his loved ones when he died at home. Anyone interested in planting a tree in his honor can visit the memorial store.(Legacy.com)

Decatur Today – At Avondale Estate:

  • preschool story time – DeKalb County Public Library (10am)
  • Read the resolution challenge – DeKalb County Public Library (12:00 am)
  • Make an animal bookmark with origami (12:00 am)

From my notes:

  • Neighbors in Avondale Estates, according to Nextdoor is asking people to vote by the 3pm deadline today. (next)
  • Trader Joe’s Near the recently closed Kroger in downtown Decatur. did anyone know about that? (next)
  • According to Nexdoor, Southern Manor’s neighbors are Yesterday we shot our guns into the sky in celebration. (next)
  • people in reported having neighbors free e-waste removal Medlock (Nextdoor) for Homes and Businesses

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Good luck today! See you tomorrow morning for the next update.

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