Murray State at Louisville: A David vs. Goliath Matchup

Louisville Cardinal Mascot

The Murray State Racers and the Louisville Cardinals will square off on Thursday night in a game that has all the makings of a David vs. Goliath matchup.

The Racers are coming off a 41-10 win over Presbyterian, while the Cardinals are coming off a loss to Florida State. Murray State is a 42.5-point underdog in this game, but the Racers have little chance to pull off the upset even if they can play their best football.  However that spread might be inflated. Let’s take a closer look.

Murray State is led by quarterback DJ Williams, who is a dual-threat quarterback that can beat teams with his arm and his legs. Williams threw for 104 yards and rushed for 65 yards in the win over Presbyterian. The Racers also have a strong running game, led by Javian Ringer, who ran for 125 yards in the win.

Louisville is led by quarterback Malik Cunningham, who is a dual-threat quarterback that is similar to Williams. Cunningham threw for 296 yards and rushed for 101 yards in the loss to Florida State. The Cardinals also have a strong running game, led by Michael Carter II, who ran for 122 yards in the loss.

The Cardinals are the clear favorites in this game and they should be, but the Racers have a chance to keep the game closer if they are able to run the ball and run the clock. Murray State is a good defensive team that is led by linebacker Tevin Floyd, who had 10 tackles in the win over Presbyterian. The Racers will need to force a turnover and get some good special teams play if they want to stay competitive in this game.Louisville football vs Murray State: Preview Jeff Brohm's home debut

Here are some other key factors to watch in this game:

  • The Cardinals’ offensive line: The Cardinals’ offensive line is a major concern heading into this game. The line allowed Cunningham to be sacked four times in the loss to Florida State. If the Cardinals’ offensive line can’t protect Cunningham, it will be difficult for them to score points.
  • The Racers’ running game: The Racers’ running game is their strength, and they will need to establish it early and often in this game. If the Racers can run the ball effectively, it will take pressure off of Williams and the passing game.
  • The turnovers: This game could come down to turnovers. Both teams are capable of creating turnovers, and the team that wins the turnover battle will have a good chance of winning the game.

I think this game will be a lot closer than most people think especially the first half but the Cardinals will win the game. I think the Cardinals will pull away in the 2nd half. I certainly see no path to Louisville covering a 42.5 point spread.

Final Score Prediction: Louisville wins 35 -17

Play on Murray State and the UNDER 55.5 points

NFL Opening Night Picks

Kansas City Chiefs host the Detroit Lions to start NFL season. Here are some things to consider before you bet on either side or the total.

Detroit Lions at Kansas City Chiefs: A Closer Look

The Detroit Lions and the Kansas City Chiefs will kick off the 2023 NFL season on Thursday night in Kansas City. The Chiefs are the defending Super Bowl champions and are one of the favorites to win the AFC again this year. The Lions are coming off a promising 9-8 season and are looking to build on that success.

The Chiefs have a high-powered offense led by Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and he has a number of talented weapons at his disposal, including wide receivers Mecole Hardman and Travis Kelce. The Lions have a seasoned quarterback in Jared Goff, who is now entering his 8th season with the team and has a better understanding of the offense.

The Chiefs also have a strong defense, led by defensive end Chris Jones. The Lions have a good defense, but they will need to play their best game to slow down the Chiefs’ offense.

The weather forecast for Thursday night in Kansas City is calling for mostly clear skies and a temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a good weather for both offenses, as it should not be too hot or too cold.

The Chiefs are relatively healthy heading into this game. Their only major injury is to wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster, who is out with a knee injury. The Lions are also relatively healthy, with their only major injury being to linebacker Jarrad Davis, who is out with a hamstring injury.

The Chiefs have a significant home field advantage at Arrowhead Stadium. They have won 17 of their last 18 home games, and they are averaging 38 points per game at home.

I predict that the Chiefs will win this game by a comfortable margin, but it will not be as easy as the spread suggests. I am confident in my prediction at 70%. The Chiefs are the better team, and they should be able to score more points than the Lions. I also think that the game will go over the 54.5 point total, with a confidence of 60%. Both teams have high-powered offenses, and I expect to see a lot of scoring in this game.

Final Score Prediction: Chiefs 38, Lions 24

Take the Chiefs minus the points and the over.

Little Celebrities on Campus Who Will Change College Life | By Reid Zura | Starship Technologies | June 2023

lead zura
Starship Technologies
An image of a Starship robot next to a white car with decals that read
Oregon State University’s spaceship robot, next is “Mother — Ship”

Imagine this. When you walk into a college campus, you see futuristic-looking robots galloping in the midst of the hustle and bustle. A closer look reveals that it is his one of our spaceship robots busy with deliveries. Our bots are not only revolutionizing the way students eat on campus, they are also winning hearts and becoming true campus celebrities.

Let’s start with Henry Banning of Oregon State University. He’s the student who took his love of space robots to the next level. He transformed his car into what he dubbed ‘Starship Mobile’ as a great homage to our service. Covered in bright starship decals, his car is sure to grab attention and bring smiles wherever he goes. As Henry puts it, “I kept seeing them all over campus and I was like, ‘Of course we can do that, that would be cool!'”

The Starship delivery robot next to Henry's car is dressed up like a larger version of the delivery robot
Spaceship Robots The Next Henry’s Spaceship — Mobile!

Believe it or not, Henry’s dedication has caught the eye of our Chief Commercial Officer, Ryan Tooey. , we love it. It’s always great to see the enthusiasm students have for our robots. It’s no exaggeration to say that Henry’s Starship his mobile has become an iconic symbol of the special bond between students and robots.

But the love for Starship Robots extends far beyond Oregon State University. Meet Eric Arberg, a University of Texas Dallas alumnus and exuberant captain of his UTD spirit. Eric shared an adorable photo of himself and Temok (UT Dallas’ popular mascot) celebrating graduation with a robot. In his heartfelt message, Eric paid tribute to Starshipbot, saying, “Thank you for always being such a cute part of campus culture 💕.”

Eric and the University of Texas Dallas mascot Temok pose with two robots for graduation photos. Eric is dressed in black and Temok is orange and green with a pop.
Eric and UTD’s mascot Temok pose with a robot at the graduation ceremony.

It’s not just about convenience. Starship robots have become essential companions for students like Taylor Kitchen at Bowling Green State University. Throughout her tough college years, these robots provided help when she needed it most. In her gratitude, Taylor said: “Thank you Starship for doing all the last minute desperately needed food deliveries and helping me finish college!” It makes sure you never go hungry or miss a taste of home.

Wearing a graduation gown and orange shirt, Taylor poses for a photo as she sits behind a Starship delivery robot and wears a graduate cap emblazoned with
Taylor and Robot say their final goodbyes before graduation at Bowling Green State University.

And when the COVID-19 pandemic confined students to dormitories and study spaces, our robots were there to bring a sense of comfort and connection.

All-Miss alumni Mercy Trahan reflected on the impact: Thank you to all the cute robots that live on campus! “

Mercy poses with a starship delivery robot, holding her blue graduation cap over the robot's lid.
Mercy and a Starship robot who wants to walk (or roll) across the stage for graduation!

We are filled with pride and joy knowing that our robots hold a special place in the hearts of our students. The unwavering support and gratitude from our students is a constant reminder of the positive impact and lasting legacy our delivery robots have created in just a few short years.

We believe in a future where robots make life easier and more convenient for people around the world. These students are living proof of this vision and give us a glimpse of how our technology will change the world. We feel so honored to have made such a big impact on millions of people around the world, and are determined to provide not only smiles and convenience, but a brighter and more exciting future. continue to adhere to

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Inclusiveness in Practice: Starship Technologies Proudly Deployed in LA | By Reid Zura | Starship Technologies | June 2023

Black starship logo over pastel rainbow gradient
lead zura
Starship Technologies

At Starship Technologies, inclusivity and diversity are more than just words. They are deeply rooted in our values. This year, we are excited to announce that we will embrace these values ​​and participate in the historic and world-famous LA Pride Parade.

For the first time, our team and Starship Robot will proudly march in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community. This demonstrates our unwavering support and commitment to fostering an inclusive work environment where all employees can thrive on their own terms.

We aim to make a big statement at LA Pride when our Starship robots take to the vibrant and bustling streets of Los Angeles. This momentous opportunity is fully aligned with the core values ​​we recently launched. “We love that you are different, and that makes us unique.” By participating in the Pride Parade, we are only embodying this core value. We reaffirm our dedication to fostering an inclusive workplace where everyone feels empowered to be their authentic selves.

We have hand-picked three outstanding Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Ambassadors to lead our participation in this iconic event. These prominent figures provide valuable insight into what Pride means to them personally and why they are so passionate about marching with the LGBTQ+ community.

Through their thoughtful responses, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of our shared motivations and the deeper implications of Starship’s presence in the Pride Parade. Join us as we celebrate diversity, embrace inclusion, and demonstrate our commitment to building a more just and inclusive world.

Meet Quyen Huynh (She/Her), US Human Resources Manager.

  1. What made you decide to participate in the Pride Parade?
  • I march in the Pride Parade every year to celebrate and honor the LGBTQ+ community, voices and history.

2. Why is it important for you to attend this event?

  • Expression is important. As a first-generation student and child of immigrant parents, I identified as a lesbian and decided to push myself into even more minority groups by marrying a deaf wife. I went through so many things for myself when I first started coming out of the closet. Take a trip (even if you can’t tell)! Jokes aside, my story seemed so far from the rest that I was frankly scared and at times overwhelmed not to be able to relate to my three gay buddies from high school. That was until 2012, when I participated in Seattle’s Pride Parade for the first time. Seattle’s Pride Parade was a place where I met and connected with many Asian Americans who share the same struggles (…coming out to their parents, being ostracized by their families). and kicked out of the house, and the list goes on). That was the coming out story sandwiched between the two brackets. Sure, it might not make sense to most people, but it did for us. Thanks to Pride, I found a home I never knew existed. Pride also gave me a voice. What’s important to me (and my wife) is for generations of queer and baby gay people who are still discovering their sexuality, using the voices we have and expressing our true selves. and to restore the rights and freedoms that were and still are denied. voice. Visibility is very important, which is why our participation in the Pride March is important.

3. What does it mean to you that Starship gave you the opportunity to be the leader of this event?

  • It was an honor to march with Starship at Pride. As a leader, I want to shine a spotlight on civil rights issues. At the same time, we hope to have the opportunity to bring together all kinds of amazing starshippers from all walks of life to celebrate our true nature at this event.

4. What does pride symbolize for you?

  • Pride is a symbol of love and acceptance, giving people identity and freedom of expression, promoting equality, visibility and justice.
Kuen and wife Amy pose for a photo in a white wedding dress after elopement in Northern Cascades
“08/18/2021 — Love Wins! Amy and I are doing our best while chasing the sunset in the mountains. Elopement in North Cascades.”

Meet Elda Velázquez Martinez (She/Her), US Support Manager.

  1. What made you decide to participate in the Pride Parade?
  • People left because of the past and the violence they suffered for being who they are

2. Why is it important for you to attend this event?

  • I can change society, we all deserve the same rights and respect

3. What does it mean to you that Starship gave you the opportunity to be the leader of this event?

  • I feel it is important to make this movement visible and represent companies that support diversity and inclusion.

4. What does pride symbolize for you?

  • Boldly embrace who you really are and be unapologetic about who you are. It symbolizes being content with your identity and seeking acceptance from others.
Elda smiling in front of LA public art
Elda has many adventures!

Meet Global Social Media Specialist Reed Zula (he/him).

  1. What made you decide to participate in the Pride Parade?
  • I join Starship in the Pride Parade to celebrate and embrace my own identity while elevating the voices of people in the LGBTQ+ community around the world. The Pride Parade is a powerful platform for awareness, acceptance and solidarity. This is an opportunity for me to express my pride in who I am and to advocate for equality and rights for LGBTQ+ individuals around the world.

2. Why is it important for you to attend this event?

  • The only Pride event I’ve ever attended was last year’s New York City Pride Parade. For the first time in my life, I felt what it meant to be part of a large community that shared similar experiences, challenges and aspirations. Just being myself has allowed me to connect with others who have been through a series of hardships and celebrate our shared resilience. Secondly, I am honored to be able to participate in this event. We live in a world where queer voices are still silenced or ignored. Although I participate for those who cannot attend, I believe that participating in the Pride Parade will raise awareness and awareness of LGBTQ+ issues and contribute to the ongoing fight for equality and social progress. .

3. What does it mean to you that Starship gave you the opportunity to be the leader of this event?

  • March with your colleagues to represent your company and send a powerful message of inclusivity and support. This shows that my workplace values ​​diversity and accepts employees for who they are, regardless of their sexual orientation. It is a great honor to be selected as the leader of this event. This shows that my company not only values ​​me as an employee, but also recognizes the importance of LGBTQ+ representation and allies. This means the company is committed to fostering an inclusive and supportive work environment where employees can be themselves and reach their full potential. Being entrusted with this responsibility makes me feel empowered and respected, and reinforces my sense of belonging within the organization.

4. What does pride symbolize for you?

  • Pride, to me, is a celebration of reliability, resilience, and progress. It symbolizes the freedom to love and express yourself without fear or shame. Pride is a reminder of the struggle and sacrifice of our predecessors who fought for LGBTQ+ rights and paved the way for greater inclusion and equality. But it also means a call to action that it’s not over yet. It also represents a call to action, urging us all to continue working towards a future where everyone is treated with dignity, respect and equal rights, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. .
Reed holding a palm-sized Pride flag at the first Pride held in New York in 2022
Reed attending Pride for the first time at the 2022 New York City Pride Parade!

We are filled with joy, purpose, and a sense of togetherness as we diligently prepare to march on LA Pride. This milestone moment for Starship Technologies symbolizes our unwavering commitment to celebrating diversity and promoting inclusion.

Through the voices of DEI Ambassadors, we gain valuable insight into what Pride means to them personally, and their passion for the event is contagious. Their stories and perspectives deepened our understanding of the importance of pride and solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community.

As we take this bold step, please join us in advocating for a world that celebrates diversity, embraces inclusion, and embraces all individuals for who they are. Together, let’s create a future where love, respect and acceptance know no boundaries.

We are extremely proud to be participating in the LA Pride Parade for the first time ever. We also hope that our presence will be a beacon of hope, championing diversity and inspiring others to build workplaces and communities where everyone can thrive.

The journey is just beginning. Together, we will continue to nurture a world where differences are respected and love overcomes prejudice.

Starship is honored to be part of the Pride Parade and we look forward to sharing this incredible experience with you. Let’s make history together and pave the way for a brighter, more inclusive future.

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Global Accessibility Awareness Day: Building Accessibility into Technology | By Ed Lovelock | Starship Technologies | May 2023

Ed Lovelock
Starship Technologies

As the world’s leading autonomous robotic delivery provider, one of our core missions is to make people’s lives easier and more convenient.

We are passionate believers in the power of technology and innovation to positively impact lives and communities. But we also know that accessibility and the needs of people with disabilities are too often overlooked in technology development.

We are at the forefront of a whole new industry, so we know we won’t get everything right the first time. But at Starship, a true two-way approach to accessibility and accessibility needs is embedded in what we do, and we’re dedicated to building on what we’ve learned along the way.

Over the years, we have invested time and resources in improving our technology with accessibility in mind. For example, Mobility He incorporates autonomous recognition of devices and wheelchairs into robot behavior.

We want the robot to hear sounds as it moves on sidewalks, and that grocery stores are at a height that most wheelchair users can reach (and that items are packed in bags for easy handling). ) is important. We have worked with leading blind charities to ensure guide dogs and our robots happily share their paths. We also incorporate feedback from our guests with disabilities, residents and charities into our engineering and design process to ensure our efforts get better with every trip and every conversation.

But there is still work to be done.

That’s why today, on Global Accessibility Awareness Day, we proudly launch the Starship Accessibility Advisory Panel.

We welcomed a panel of representatives from the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB), the University of Leeds, and the health and welfare charity Leonard Cheshire to help bring a living professional experience integral to the conversation across the organization. I am glad to

This is a start, not an end, and we want to ensure that we have experiences, expressions and perspectives from people with different backgrounds, disabilities and abilities. Based on the current members of the panel, we would especially like to hear more direct input from people who use mobility devices, wheelchairs, and/or have varying degrees of nervousness within the surgical area. increase. Please contact

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Providing a greener future.On this Earth Day we encourage… | Redete Nardos | | Starship Technologies | April 2023

Enabling a greener future

This Earth Day is a call to all to think about our impact on the environment. Starship Technologies is proud to be at the forefront of sustainable last-mile delivery, pioneering battery-powered robotic services that are good for your business and the planet.

Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our service areas around the world. By reducing the number of cars and delivery vans in and out of city supermarkets and providing options for students in the United States, we have had a significant impact on reducing our carbon footprint. Choose battery-powered robotic delivery over traditional food delivery methods.

This equates to 645 trips from the UK to Australia, over 2,300 trips from New York to Los Angeles, and 244 trips around the world. By using our battery-powered robot instead of traveling by car, the customer reduced his CO2 emissions entering the atmosphere by approximately 1.7 million kg. This equates to his 6,792 flying hours on the plane.

But that’s not all. We are constantly looking for ways to make our business more sustainable by further reducing our environmental impact. If possible, source a renewable energy provider to charge your robot. We are currently experimenting with different charging methods and deployment processes to increase efficiency while reducing energy consumption.

But sustainability is not only good for the environment, it’s also good for business. Let’s see reality here. Bottom line concerns are the main reason companies are dragging their feet to update their operations towards more sustainable solutions. According to his 2023 study by Mckinsey & Company, looking back over the past five years, products that claim environmental or social benefits saw an 8% increase in cumulative growth compared to those that didn’t. Customers care about sustainability and support it by shifting their buying patterns to sustainable products. In conclusion, the report states, “It is a moral imperative for both consumers and businesses to understand and address these impacts on society and the planet as part of their purchasing decisions and ESG-related actions.” claims can be an important part of fulfilling this moral obligation if they represent true and meaningful environmental and social behavior.”

At Starship, we are proud to help our partners achieve their goals and commitments towards sustainability. Since last year, we’ve partnered with delivery giants like her Grubhub to give students across the country the opportunity to deliver their favorite meals in an environmentally responsible manner while making everyday life on campus more convenient. doing. This benefits universities, students and most importantly the environment. Similarly, we are helping our grocery partners step up their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint by offering store-to-door battery-powered delivery on demand in cities around the world.

We are also passionate about inspiring others to take action towards a greener future. The story of our employee, Andrew Tucker, is a great example. Two years ago, Andrew and his wife donated a car to National Public Radio as part of their vehicle donation program. So they dumped the cars they didn’t need and funded NPR to run local broadcasts, including some of Andrew’s favorites like “Morning Edition,” “The World,” and “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me.” created. For them, owning a car was an unnecessary headache, and donating it matched their desire to live a greener life. Andrew says working at Starship has inspired him. “

This Earth Day encourages everyone to take action towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Small steps make a difference, like donating a car when you don’t need it, practicing mindful consumption, reducing energy consumption, or simply choosing to walk or bike instead of driving. . By working together, we can create a brighter future for ourselves and the planet.

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Starship Technologies Sets New World Record with 10 Million Kilometers | Reed Zula | | Starship Technologies | April 2023

Starship had another exciting day: our robot broke the record Mileage 10 million km!

To give you an overview of the hard work done by our busy bots, 10 million kilometers is the equivalent of driving to and from the moon more than a dozen times. No other autonomous delivery service has achieved this. We are very proud of our team for accomplishing this feat. This milestone distance is longer than any other company in the industry and more than six times his million-mile mark recently announced by international self-driving car developers Waymo and Cruise.

But what really sets us apart is the level of autonomy our robot has achieved. Recently, I was reviewing some data and found that one of his robots completed her 24 consecutive food deliveries to customers 100% autonomously over 16 hours without any human intervention or supervision. I was surprised.

Today our robots are part of many people’s daily lives. Building on our success in providing shipping from hundreds of stores through our own Starship app, we are proud to offer our ‘as a service’ to our global partners who want to make their own shipping more sustainable, low cost and enjoyable. We offer delivery as a service (DaaS). There is currently a lot of interest in using our technology as last mile shipping is highly inefficient and costly. Our technology has proven that it has the potential to revolutionize one of the most inefficient and costly parts of the delivery process today: last mile delivery.

This milestone is an incredible achievement and shows that our service truly leads the automated delivery industry. We recently shared that our robot has made over 4 million of his autonomous deliveries and crosses an average of 140,000 pedestrian crossings per day. Worldwide he has over 2,000 robots in motion, and it’s only a matter of time before he surpasses 20 million kilometers!

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Bridging the Gender Gap: Inspiring Words from the Women Making Waves on Starship | Annie Handrick | | Starship Technologies | March 2023

Author: Lys Verthal

In honor of International Women’s Day today, we’ve compiled a list of powerful words for the women of Starship. The women of Starship have made an impact in our company and beyond in their respective fields. These quotes are reminders of the strength, resilience and wisdom of women throughout history and inspire all of us at Starship to continue fighting for a more just and just world.

Despite significant progress in recent years, women are still underrepresented in the tech and startup industries. The World Bank reports that women make up less than one-third of the global workforce in tech-related fields, and even fewer women of color. It’s a complex issue with causes.

One of the challenges women face in the tech and startup industries is the lack of female role models and mentors. Women often struggle to find support and guidance from other women in this field, which can make it difficult to navigate the industry and build successful careers.

Another challenge is gender bias. Research shows that women are often underrepresented and underrepresented in male-dominated fields like technology. This bias can manifest itself in many ways, from unfair wages to exclusion from key decision-making processes.

But many women have made a name for themselves in the tech and startup worlds by breaking down these barriers, fighting back, and advocating for greater representation and inclusiveness in their industry.

The Starship women from different parts of the world are a perfect example of this. We’ve collected inspirational quotes from many of them, so make them your role models and inspiration. increase. Let us reflect on their wisdom and courage as we continue to strive for a fairer and just world for all.

… … … … … … … …

“I have suffered from imposter syndrome since day one of my career. She’s seven years into my career, and I always have to remind myself that if I can get into a room, I deserve to be in that room. “

Andrea Martinez De Carolis, US-based Campus Marketing Manager

About recruitment:

“Sometimes in life we ​​find ourselves in a position where we love the people we work with, we love our work, we love the rewards. An individual who deserves to be challenged.Finding this balance will take time.But trust me, it’s there.If you find yourself looking for the right career trajectory, don’t compromise. Be clear about your purpose, be vocal about your needs and go after what you want.The job market is always changing and now is the time when recruiters are waiting to find you. No. Don’t be afraid to use online resources, application platforms and networks to facilitate your professional development.”

my goals:

“My ambition is to be known as someone who helps others. My work experience began with serving others in the restaurant industry. I also helped the owner grow a local business and now I am helping recruit strong people to help grow our business. It has changed over the years, but its purpose has always been clear: to be a constant voice for advocating, inspiring and helping others.”

Gracie Meadows, US-based recruiter

Female leaders are often labeled as too bossy, difficult, aggressive, nosy, and emotional. What it really means is that you are assertive, ask the right questions, and lead with your mind and heart. be open to Make brave decisions patiently and deprioritize people you please.

Teele Kruzman, Head of Services and Deployment, Estonia

“Diversity of thought and experience leads to groundbreaking ideas. Nobody said there was only one way to eat peanut butter. It’s the same in the tech industry, innovative women have inspired me since I was a little girl, and if you can do the same thing with a power screwdriver or peanut butter, it’s me. Please count.

Sarah Gutierrez, US-based robotics engineer

“There are no dull days at Starship! Being in such an innovative company working on projects the world has never done before makes me feel like every employee is growing and learning every day. As a result, many of our employees genuinely enjoy their work and are incredibly supportive of each other as a result!

There are certainly moments when things get complicated, like when you’re working on multiple launches on top of your day-to-day operations (they are these days!). A new city that loves robot deliveries is always worth it!!”

Arianna Namaki, UK based city marketing

“Yes I can” is my girl power mantra that I live by. backs me up. “

Quyen Huynh, US Human Resources Manager

“I grew up in Mexico for several years. I hope we can have the same rights.We deserve the same opportunities and respect.”

Elda Velazquez, US-based Service Team Lead

On Women’s Day last year, we shared here the stories of two bright and very smart Starship ladies, Karolina and Karli. Check them out too!

-> Meet amazing women on Starship: Kaari writes code to help Starship reach its goals

-> Meet amazing women on Starship: Karoliina keeps our robot hordes healthy

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AI apps like ChatGPT may finally kill the cover letter

Grace wanted a better-paying job closer to where she lived, but was afraid to write another cover letter. was needed, but she felt that the cover letter did not do it justice.

“It’s technical writing,” says Grace. “It’s not mean to say, ‘I want you to hire me because I’m great,’ but my weakness is that I’m so great.”

Instead, she took a friend’s advice and used ChatGPT, a text-generating AI software that has exploded in popularity in recent months. Asking her to leave out her last name so as not to jeopardize her employment, Grace gave the AI ​​a job description and some qualifications she wanted to highlight.ChatGPT said she could easily An edited “proper” cover spat out her letter.

She did get the job in the end, but she doesn’t think it was because of the cover letter. “I think they just saw my resume,” she said.

Grace has more and more Job Seekers Turning to AI To complete one of the most difficult and arguably unnecessary steps in the hiring process.recent online investigation According to recruitment service site Resume Builder, nearly half of current and recent job seekers use ChatGPT to write their resumes or cover letters. LinkedIn, tick tockand mass media There is a lot of information on the best ways to get decent cover letters from software.

Using technology like ChatGPT to apply for jobs raises some thorny ethical questions, such as whether you’re misrepresenting yourself to a potential employer. However, job seekers see it as a necessary step to succeed in a job search process that is riddled with inefficiencies and unfairness. The hiring process is generally longer and longerand the enterprise itself use software to screen employees — A process that feels like a black box. Consumer AI software can make job seekers feel like they’re fighting bots against bots.

I also ask people if cover letters are important these days, and if there are better ways to design the application process so that job seekers don’t have to rely on AI to write them in the first place. I am letting you.

Are cover letters important?

While the main point of a cover letter is to explain why your experience is a good fit for the position, it’s also information recruiters can glean from resumes and phone calls. Now that AI can produce pretty decent cover letters with just the right prompts and a bit of editing, writing a cover letter by hand feels more pointless than ever.

I wrote a very basic prompt for ChatGPT and sent back a terrible cover letter.

It’s unclear to what extent employers are asking for cover letters these days. Alex Alonso, chief of the Society for Human Resource Management and his knowledge officer, says “most” professions still want his cover letter. Recruiters we spoke to fixed that percentage at close to 10 or 20 percent. According to data from Indeed, which hosts job postings for job listings that traditionally require a cover letter and those that don’t, only 2% mentioned a cover letter.

What we do know is that many recruiters Didn’t actually read the cover letterAccording to Alonso, the time between a recruiter reviewing an applicant’s eligibility and deciding whether or not he or she is ineligible takes very little time — just a few minutes at most.

A cover letter can be a place for applicants to explain why they are a good fit for a role that they are not qualified for, or explain job gaps or career changes, but such details are not much to reach. Temporal. Rather, most recruiters (two-thirds and his estimate) are simply checking whether the requested cover his letter contains rather than judging your knowledge of prose .

“Most employers don’t put a lot of information into what they put in a cover letter other than to show that the person understands that a cover letter is required,” Alonso said. increase. “In TikTok terms, yes, they understood the challenge.”

Recruiters want to know if applicants are good at making persuasive arguments and connecting their skills to job descriptions. For example, James Shea, a freelance writer who consulted a client about using ChatGPT, believes that the formulaic structure and boastful nature of his cover letter is not a good way to demonstrate his writing ability. increase.

“It’s a terrible form of communication,” Shay said. “I have a writing portfolio that shows what I can write. Do I have to write a formal and esoteric cover letter?

Shea recently used ChatGPT as a starting point for writing her cover letter. He says he uses a generative AI application as an editor of sorts, and when he sees a suggestion from ChatGPT’s output that he thinks is good, he takes it little by little and tweaks it to make it better. .

Applicants aren’t the only ones who don’t care about cover letters. It’s also clear that employers themselves are devaluing them less and less.

Requests for cover letters have been on the decline for some time, experts say. But whether the job explicitly calls for cover letters or whether someone actually reads them, many job seekers still fear skipping them.

“I think cover letters have been pretty useless for a long time,” said Ata Tarki, co-founder of a recruitment agency. talent compass author with Evidence-based recruitmentStill, if an employer asks for a cover letter, he’ll include a very short one.

Perceptions of the need for cover letters also vary by industry. Senior Technical His recruiter Tejal Wagadia says it’s rare for tech companies to ask for a cover letter these days. She also urges people to consider writing samples and portfolios instead of asking recruiters.

“I make sure candidates and job seekers don’t do extra work if they don’t have to,” Wagadia said.

Still, she gets cover letters from time to time and reads them.

What are the alternatives?

Job seekers are in the odd position of having to write a cover letter that is unlikely to be read, but can be important. So why not make the process a little easier?

The experts we spoke with said it’s probably okay to use ChatGPT to get an overall structure or to get an idea, but personalizing and editing your cover letter is key. said. A good rule of thumb is to give the AI ​​job descriptions and resumes, telling it which skills and tone to emphasize.

You do not have to disclose that you wrote your cover letter with the help of ChatGPT. After all, people have been using templates and writing services to write cover letters for years. Please edit it enough so that it does not happen. Alonso of the Society for Human Resource Management believes that disclosing the use of AI can actually be beneficial. This is to show potential employers that you are efficient and resourceful.

And if you can avoid cover letters, or at least outsource some of the work to ChatGPT, you’ll be a much better use of your time when it comes to actually getting the job done. , says the most important document to submit is a resume. So make sure your resume is up-to-date, well-written, and includes a short summary that does some of the heavy lifting required of a cover letter. Good for certain jobs.

“Your resume should say everything you need to know to make sure you’re a good fit for the job,” says Wagadia. “My first question as a recruiter is, is this candidate a good fit for the role they applied for and the role I am applying for? not. “

Tarki says it’s much more effective to send a short email or LinkedIn message (2 paragraphs) to the employer, explaining why you’re interested in the job and other helpful information. Building a network and using common connections to make referrals and endorsements is also a plus.

Austin Bercak, Founder of Job Coaching Site cultivated culture and creator video Educate people on how to use ChatGPT to write cover letters, and encourage them to spend the time they save on cover letters to research and network with the company on how they can add value. He says you’re much more likely to get an interview if you can get referrals from people who work for the company, rather than simply applying online. He also suggests creating a pitch his deck that shows, rather than telling, why he’s a good fit for the role.

There are obviously plenty of good alternatives to the dreaded cover letter.

Cigdem Polat Dautov became a software engineer to make people’s lives easier by eliminating redundant and repetitive tasks. Now, when she’s looking for her job, it turns out that she uses ChatGPT to write her cover letter just like she uses any other technology. She enjoys tinkering with software to see what she can get and editing out its shortcomings.

“At the end of the day, it’s a tool,” she said.

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Snow Crash author Neal Stephenson on the metaverse, making movies, climate fears

Every science fiction author tries to imagine the future. But very few get what Neal Stephenson is experiencing: Some of the world’s most powerful companies are actively trying to create the future he sketched out three decades ago.

That would be in Snow Crash, the 1992 dystopia/parody he wrote about people who escape the physical world by strapping on goggles and disappearing in the metaverse. Which is now the vision of the world Mark Zuckerberg is actively embracing, both by burning billions on the effort and renaming his company Meta. Apple is also chasing after this idea, and may finally unveil a new headset to make it happen this spring. Microsoft has made a stab at this too — as has Stephenson himself, when he went to work for the hyped-but-fizzled Magic Leap augmented reality startup.

Even if the real-world metaverse doesn’t pan out, Stephenson has had an enormous influence on how we think about tech today. People who’ve never written a line of code love his books — and so do bona fide nerds, like the Google Earth developers who used Snow Crash as inspiration, or Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who hired Stephenson to work on his Blue Origin rocket startup.

I talked to Stephenson about Snow Crash’s legacy — some of which got auctioned off this week at a Sotheby’s auction — and much more for the Recode Media podcast. We discussed whether the metaverse can exist even if high-end virtual reality goggles never catch on; why he’s never been able to turn his work into a movie, TV show, or game; and his fear of a looming ecological disaster and the science he thinks could solve it.

Here’s an edited excerpt from our chat:

“Holy shit. You know, maybe people are actually taking this seriously.”

Peter Kafka

When did you get a sense that the Jeff Bezoses and Mark Zuckerbergs of the world were really influenced by Snow Crash? That this was really meaningful to tech people who were building things?

Neal Stephenson

I started hearing about it in the mid-90s, as the Internet became a thing. I was on the WELL, which is an early BBS, and there were a lot of tech people there. And so I started getting the idea that it was well-received. I started to hear from people in the tech industry who were reading it, and it gradually became clear. When Google Earth came out [in 2001], word reached me through the grapevine that the Earth application described in Snow Crash had been somewhat inspirational for that. So at that point I was like: “Okay, holy shit. You know, maybe people are actually taking this seriously. “

Peter Kafka

And then cut to [2021] where Zuckerberg renames his company Meta and says, I want to build the metaverse and spend billions of dollars. Did he reach out to you prior to that?

Neal Stephenson

No. And not after either. So there’s been zero communication.

Peter Kafka

Your book, like a lot of science fiction, is describing a dystopia. And it struck a lot of people, including me, as weird that a consumer company, one of the biggest companies in the world with 2 billion users, would say, “This is the future we’re pivoting toward.” What do you make of that?

Neal Stephenson

So, a couple of things. One is, Snow Crash is a dystopian novel, but it’s also kind of a parody of dystopian novels because even then …

Peter Kafka

The main character’s name is “Hiro Protagonist.”

Neal Stephenson

Yeah. And, you know, there had been enough of that kind of literature out there that the tropes had become familiar. And just rehashing them without any self-awareness or humor would have been a little weird. So there’s that. And then the world — the real world — certainly has got its dystopian aspects in that book. But the metaverse itself, I think, is kind of neutral. The first parts of it that we see are kind of garish. And people are playing violent games and there’s lots of ads and tacky crud there. It’s the first thing that meets the eye when you go into the metaverse. But it’s also made clear that there are people like Hiro and Ng who have put a huge amount of effort into making extraordinarily beautiful, detailed houses that they can live in in the metaverse.

Peter Kafka

To me, the striking thing is not so much the metaverse is dystopian but that it’s built to escape a world that is dystopian. We’ve seen that in a bunch of novels. And it just seems like a weird thing to say, “This is the future, we think this is great,” because it implies that the rest of the world is going to fall apart.

Neal Stephenson

Yeah, you’d have to ask him.

“My theory is that a witch placed a curse on me”

Peter Kafka

You previously said you’re “interested in game engines as cultural media for new creative work.” So should I assume that there will be a Neal Stephenson game that I’m going to play at some point?

Neal Stephenson

I’m trying to build something like that. There’s a lot of hoops to jump through first involving rights and financing that are very boring to talk about.

Peter Kafka

Not for me. I nerd out on that stuff.

Neal Stephenson

That’s your deal? Well, it’s part of what we’re calling “the extended Snow Crash universe timeline,” which is sequel/prequel material, basically, to Snow Crash.

Peter Kafka

It sounds like you may not have the rights to make your own book into something.

Neal Stephenson

The rights to the original book are currently controlled by Paramount.

Peter Kafka

Why hasn’t any of your work been turned into a movie, television show, or game? Especially over the last few years when there was so much money being thrown at stuff people could put on streamers. Your work means a lot to a lot of people. It’s established IP. Why hasn’t there been a Neal Stephenson work that I’ve been able to play or watch?

Neal Stephenson

My theory is that a witch placed a curse on me. That’s the current going theory. My producing partner and I refer to what you’ve just described as “the curse.” We’ve been working on trying to break the curse. Currently the leading contender is that there’s some work underway to adapt a book I co-wrote called The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O. into a television series. It’s still in the early stages, so it’s got a lot of hoops to jump through.

Peter Kafka

But you’ve worked for Jeff Bezos. None of the richest people in the world ever said, “I’m just going to set this up for you. I’m such a mega fan, I’m just going to open up my pocketbook and we’re going to make this thing happen”?

Neal Stephenson

That sounds like a great plan. I like that plan. When you try to implement that plan, sometimes some complications can arise, which again, I can’t get into right now. But, you want smart money. You want people who actually know how to put all the pieces together and produce something. And it is a complicated industry.

Peter Kafka

I was wondering if you were going to say, “Look, up until recently, it’s been impossible technically to make the stuff that I’ve written into something visual or a game, and I didn’t want to do a half-assed version.” I would hate to have seen what a 1997 version of the metaverse looked like.

Neal Stephenson

I’ve had that thought a lot of times. There but for the grace of God.

If someone had done an adaptation of Snow Crash in 1995, they would have said, “What’s the coolest snazzy computer graphics we can get right now and we’ll have that be the metaverse.” And then five years later, people would be looking at it like, “Oh my God, they used to think that was cool-looking.” And I’ve had a few conversations over the decades with people who were investigating adapting Snow Crash and their ideas have changed over time. And at a certain point it flipped over and it became, you know, “We’ll just shoot everything on film because the metaverse would be film-quality graphics for sure. And then we’ll manipulate it, we’ll add digital tweaks, to make it clear that this is the metaverse and not the real world.”

Peter Kafka

How much does it bother you that this has not happened?

Neal Stephenson

You know, be careful what you wish for, I guess. It’s sometimes better to have the aspiration of something than to face some of the compromises that may happen when it really materializes. But I don’t lose sleep over it because I can still write novels.

It’s much more frustrating if you’re a film director or a screenwriter and you can’t get stuff made. You need other people to mobilize huge amounts of capital to make that real. There’s a weird way in which novelists — even broke novelists — have got a kind of status in that world that is very high status because they have creative control.

Peter Kafka

You make the thing exactly the way you want it to be.

Neal Stephenson

Yeah. I can remember, way back in the ’80s, I was talking to screenwriters who had been hired to adapt some of my work. They’re driving Porsches around Beverly Hills. I’m starving. But they would come to me and say, “How did you become a writer? How could I become a novelist?” Because in their mind, status isn’t money, it’s creative control. And they wanted that kind of status.

Peter Kafka

You can’t pay your rent with status.

Neal Stephenson

Yeah. Well, that’s true.

“The metaverse initially is going to be experienced by almost everyone on a flat screen”

Peter Kafka

Do you think in the future — assuming the tech gets there and assuming there’s a reason to use it, which are both huge things — that humans are going to want to wear AR/VR goggles? I went to the new Avatar a couple months ago and it’s a three-hour movie and I was seeing it in IMAX with the [3-D] headset on. And an hour and a half in, I was like, “I don’t want to wear these goggles anymore.”

Neal Stephenson

You hit your limit. There’s a semantic distinction between glasses and goggles. Lots of people wear glasses all day and nobody thinks twice about it. Very few people wear goggles all day. You go skiing, maybe you’ll put on goggles. Fighter pilots wear goggles, but goggles are not generally a long-term wear kind of item. And no matter how good the experience is, wearing that stuff for, as you say, more than 45 minutes or an hour is not enjoyable for a lot of people.

On the other hand, the game industry has taught everyone to experience 3D worlds through a rectangle — a flat rectangular screen — and it works great. You’re using your keyboard and your mouse or whatever your control system is. And people just fluently pick that up and they’ll play that for hours. So I think that goggles are going to be a thing. I like goggles. I know people who make goggles of various types, and I can’t wait to see what comes out of that industry. But I think that most people are going to continue experiencing 3D worlds most of the time through screens.

Peter Kafka

And does the metaverse work if it’s a flat-screen experience for those people?

Neal Stephenson

Totally. I keep forgetting to mention this but in my view, the metaverse initially is going to be experienced by almost everyone on a flat screen.

Peter Kafka

A television set or iPhone.

Neal Stephenson

Yeah, some version of that. Because that’s just that’s the reality. That’s what the market is.

“The only things worth talking about right now are carbon and the fracturing of society by social media”

Peter Kafka

You imagine the future for a living. Are you optimistic or pessimistic?

Neal Stephenson

So I think that the only two things worth talking about right now are carbon and the fracturing of society by social media. They’re both equally concerning. I don’t know what to do about social media. I’m not a people person, in a lot of ways. So I tend to think about carbon. I’ve been thinking a lot about carbon, carbon sequestration in particular, geoengineering, all that stuff.

Peter Kafka

Getting the carbon emissions out of there.

Neal Stephenson

How do we reduce carbon emissions and remove the hundreds of billions of kilograms of carbon that we’ve already put into the air? I think we’ll beat that problem. But I think it’s going to be the biggest engineering project in human history. It’s going to transform the world — the built environment — because we simply can’t do it without doing engineering on a massive scale. I think we’ll succeed at it. But we’ll have some bad times between now and then.

I think we’ll start to see the kinds of mass casualty events that are described in Kim Stanley Robinson’s book, The Ministry for the Future, where you might see millions of people dying of heat stroke in a certain area over a very short period of time. When the temperature goes up, the humidity goes up, the power goes out. And when that kind of stuff starts happening — which I sadly think it will in the next decade — it’s going to have incredibly powerful political ramifications.

Peter Kafka

I was going to say we’re ending this [conversation] with cautious optimism, but I don’t know if I can call it that.

Neal Stephenson

I hope that stuff doesn’t happen, but I think even the threat of it is going to lead, eventually, to people taking action.

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